Principal Kihm Joins Mission To the Dominican Republic

Principal Kihm bonded with the children when she wasn’t busy laying bricks.

In January, Principal Carole Kihm joined the Lifetouch Memory Mission to help continue work on a school that Lifetouch has been working on since 2011. Kihm was representing the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Message from the Principal: 

The Life Touch memory trip to the Dominican Republic had a profound impact on my life. The trip was truly a ‘life-changing’ event. The children and families from the Cecaini School Rio Grande are so joyful and full of love. They are grateful for the smallest gifts—hugs, holding hands, and drawing pictures together.
Also, they have hopes and dreams for a better future through education. Our group helped fulfill their dreams by working on a much needed addition to their school—building a library, computer lab, and clinic.
I am so grateful to have experienced such a beautiful culture and hope to change my life to incorporate their ways of life—focusing on giving more to others through words and deeds and building positive relationships.