Breaking With Thanksgiving Tradition: Families Try Out Alternatives to Turkey


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Oysters, steak, and deer ribs are among the non-traditional foods Longfellow teachers had for Thanksgiving.

From stuffing to turkey to rolls and yams, there are many conventional Thanksgiving dishes that everyone remembers. Of course, most people will stick to turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but some go above and beyond with their holiday preparations.  

Take Mr. Kellams-Berger, for example. He’s a US history teacher. This Thanksgiving, his family had steaks instead of turkey. 

We liked it so much, and so did the girls, so we will likely do this whenever we do Thanksgiving as just the four of us,” Kellams said.

Another teacher with unique Thanksgiving traditions is Mr. Jenkins. Every year, he and his family plan a big barbeque. One interesting dish they serve is deer ribs.

 “There’s a saying with barbeque,” Mr. Jenkins says. “If you’re lookin’, it ain’t cookin’. That means that the barbeque won’t cook if you’re opening the lid and letting the heat out.”       

Patricia Talmage, a Media Communications teacher at LMS, had a great Thanksgiving with an original dish. 

“My brother and his wife brought fresh oysters for Thanksgiving. We had them raw and smoked. Really good!”

 Jacob C., a seventh grader here at Longfellow, also had an enjoyable Thanksgiving dish.

 “An unusual dish I’ve had for thanksgiving was ham that I decided to put inside a roll.” If you want to try this, Jacob advises you to eat it right after cooking to avoid a tough mouthful.             

Tradition is great, but there are many ways families can make traditions of their own.  With such a variety of tastes, backgrounds, and ideas, we hope you can find a new and interesting tradition for your family.