February 3, 2021

The NFC Least

We can all agree that by week 7, the NFC East was the worst division in football by a longshot. They were absolutely TERRIBLE.

If you don’t know what the NFC East is, they are a division in the NFC that consists of the Washington Football team, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, and the Philadelphia Eagles. After week seven, the whole division was led by a 2-4 Cowboys. The leader of a division had a LOSING record!? Sorry to all fans of these teams. The whole division was 5-18-1 after week six.

Texans Endure Tough Start

In the first several weeks, the Texans were having a dreadful season. They started 2-6, third place in their division. Before you say, “Oh, their trash,” or, “Get rid of Deshaun Watson,” you should look at their schedule. They played the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, then the Ravens, the undefeated Steelers, the Vikings, the Titans, and the Packers, only winning twice against their rivals, the Jaguars. Most of the teams they played early in the season had only lost one game, and the Steelers hadn’t lost any!

The rest of the schedule wasn’t as bad, as their next three games were against the Jags again, the Patriots, and the Browns. Deshaun Watson has been doing well, but he doesn’t have enough good players around him. They lost star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in a trade, which I considered to be a terrible trade for the Texans. This was a bad season for any Texans fans out there.

Notable Thanksgiving Notes

The Ravens and Steelers game was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving, but because of Covid and positive Covid tests, it was moved to Sunday, then Tuesday, and then finally at 3:40 on Wednesday. Only one game has been played on a Wednesday before, which was the New York Giants against the Dallas Cowboys.

And speaking of Wednesdays, the addition of the Wednesday game means that there has been a game played on every day of the week this season. There were Saturday games in December, and some Friday games on Christmas!

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