Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers

February 3, 2021

Last year’s Super Bowl Winners, up against the Panthers.  The Panthers have another offensive weapon now with star running back Christian McCaffery back, and ready to play.  In Kansas City the Panthers start off and they score on fourth down early with McCaffery.  Chiefs drive down the field, but have to settle with a field goal.  The Panthers keep the drive alive by using a fake punt that goes 28-yards.  The Panthers scored another touchdown, running it on the ground.  Chiefs again have to settle for another field goal, making the score 14-6.  The Panthers are unable to score, but the Chiefs are able to score on their third consecutive drive, this time with a touchdown.  Panthers score a field goal, and the Chiefs are unable to recover.  QB Patrick Mahomes gets two key passes, and scores to take the lead in the 3rd quarter.  Chiefs score again with some deep passes, and get a nine point lead with the scoreboard saying 26-17.  McCaffery gets a deep catch, followed by a running touchdown by QB Teddy Bridgewater.  Mahomes gets another touchdown to WR Tyreek Hill as the Chiefs start making their comeback.  Panthers score one more time with Christian McCaffrey, but they are unable to take the lead, as they miss a deciding 67 yard field goal, maybe because it’s a 67 yard field goal. No ones going to make that. Anyways, this gives the Chiefs a record of 8-1 with a 33-31 win over the Carolina Panthers.

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