Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints

February 3, 2021

The game starts off with the Saints in possession, and they are easily able to drive down the field in 12 plays for a 38 yard field goal by K Wil Lutz. The Bears answer back with a 44 yard field goal attempt and it is good. The Saints get the ball back and on the third play of the drive and the last play of the quarter, Drew Brees throws a short pass to RB Alvin Kamara that ends up getting around 35 YAC (yards after catch). TE and later QB Taysom Hill also ran once on this drive to get 14 yards. This helped set up an easy 27 yard field goal attempt, but Wil Lutz missed, turning the ball over back to the Bears offense. Chicago capitalized on this and they are able to drive down and get the first touchdown of the game! This is set up by an amazing 50 yard pass from QB Nick Foles to WR Darnell Mooney. Two plays later, Foles makes another great pass, this time to WR Allen Robinson II for 24 yards. Now in the second quarter, the Bears tack on another 3 points, and the Saints get their first touchdown, which was to TE Jared Cook. Now the score is 13-10, and things are very tense. After the Bears punt at the start of the third quarter, Lutz redeems himself by making a 27 yard field goal, the amount that he missed from earlier. Now the Bears start to fall apart. Foles throws his first INT, and soon, the Saints get another easy field goal. After that, the Bears punt again, but the Saints’ luck runs out as they go for it on fourth and one, but fail to convert. Chicago also has a turnover on downs, so the Saints offense is back on the field. This time they score with Taysom Hill getting a 20 yard grab. Bears are able to bounce back though, and they score as well, with Mooney getting the pass from Nick Foles. On the Saints next possession, they punt, so with 1:51 left in the game, they start to drive. A crucial play by WR Anthony Miller saves the Bears when he got a first down on fourth down and eight. Finally, with 13 seconds left, Cairos Santos kicks in a long 51 yard field goal to tie it up. This leads us into overtime. The Saints start it off, but they end up punting. The Bears get the ball, but they punt as well. When the Saints get the ball back, they start moving the chains. They are able to get into field goal range and Lutz successfully kicks a 35 yard field goal for the win! The Saints get their second win in overtime this season, and the unfortunate Bears lose their second game in a row.

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