Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

February 3, 2021

These two strong teams are up against each other, and while one has had more luck than the other; this game is sure to be pretty tense.  It’s a blustery day in Green Bay which will affect the distance teams will feel comfortable with kicking the ball.  However there is little need for that as both teams are quick to score touchdowns.  Packers score first in roughly 10 short minutes into the game. RB Dalvin Cook is the name of this game.  He carries the Vikings to their first score. Cook will be the Vikings win condition for this game.  Two drives; two touchdowns one for each team in the first quarter. QB Aaron Rodgers under pressure keeps the drive alive getting the ball to the 7 yard line.  Green Bay is able to score with a play-action pass from Rodgers to WR Davante Adams. Things don’t look good after a sack made it 2nd and 19 for the Vikings.  However the attempt on fourth down proves to be crucial as it will keep them alive on a scoring drive. Cook will drive down the field for another touchdown.  Into the half the teams are all tied up both at 14 points.  The Vikings get the ball first, and Cook breaks a tackle, and immediately gets into Green Bay territory.  After two pass interferences favoring the Vikings, Dalvin Cook scored his third touchdown.  Packers with their first drive in the half, struggle to complete their passes.  Oh, and let me tell you, DALVIN COOK WITH HIS FOURTH TOUCHDOWN FOR THE VIKINGS IN THIS GAME.  He gets a 50 yard catching touchdown giving the Vikings a fair lead over the Packers. Cook still manages to keep carrying the team to victory.  After two unsuccessful drives for each team Green Bay is able to finally get things together, and scores for the first time in the second half, and is able to score a TD, and a two point conversion.  Packers hopes of winning ends with a fumble recovered by Minnesota.  Right after an injury, Cook is able to carry the Vikings to victory with most of their scores and yardage.

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