Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

February 3, 2021

The undefeated Seahawks against the 4-2 Cardinals starts off with a quick three minute touchdown drive by some amazing passes by Russell Wilson.  With another excellent drive, Wilson and his team get an early 10-0 lead, and the future’s looking bright for them in this game.  Cardinals also show their offensive power getting WR DeAndre Hopkins getting into the end zone for seven points.  The Seahawks got another field goal, this one from 44 yards away.  Now 13-7 Seahawks get a recovered fumble on the Cardinals side of the field.  However things spiral downhill here, with S Budda Baker intercepting the ball at the goal line, and then taking all the way to the Seahawks’ five but getting tackled in the end by incredible speed from WR DK Metcalf.  Now at the five yard line the Cardinals throw away their drive getting a turnover on downs.  The Cardinals made a mistake though, giving the opportunity to the Seahawks to score on a running touchdown. But the Cardinals retaliate right before the end of the half.  However the Seahawks are not done with yet. With a minute, and thirty seconds the Seahawks score another touchdown, and both offensive teams go into the locker rooms while the scoreboard shows 27-17 as the Cardinals scored another field goal.  Cardinals control the other half allowing the Seahawks only seven points, while the Cardinals score a solid 17 points doubling their score.  These two strong teams go into overtime, but Wilson, and the Seahawks are unable to do anything with the first possession of OT.  Both teams struggle to score as the Cardinals miss their first field goal.  Now the Cardinals get a pick, and are able to score a field goal ending the game.  Cardinals rack up another win, while the Seahawks get their first unfortunate loss at the end of Week 7.


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