Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

February 3, 2021

These two undefeated teams go head ready to brawl it out over in Tennessee.  On the opening drive, Steelers take a quick touchdown giving them an early lead and making a strong statement.  The Steelers get the ball in the end zone a second time before the Titans get their first score. Now with two minutes in the half the Steelers score an astonishing ten points, and fight to keep up this lead.  We move into the second half, the Steelers are up 24-7. Steelers get another score this time off of a 30 yard field goal. Now with a 20 point lead Steelers look indomitable. The Titans however pick up their game with a touchdown immediately after. That’s not the end though, for Tennessee quickly takes an interception, and gains a 51 yard field goal by K Gostkowski! Now with the scoreboard showing 27-17 the Titans are back in the game!   A holding penalty gives the Titans their third consecutive score, and now the teams are neck-in-neck, with only a 3 point difference.  Titans get a key interception in the end zone and hands Ben Roethlisberger his third interception, but the Titans aren’t able to capitalize on the turnover and end up missing another field goal. The end score leaves the Steelers undefeated with a 27-24 victory.

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