Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings

February 3, 2021

These two very strong, and offensive teams both display lots of offensive potential in this game.  It starts with a score by the Minnesota Vikings after several 15 yard plays, and puts them up early in the game.  The Seattle Seahawks show an impressive drive that is ended by a sack by the Vikings defense.  The Vikings end up with another three points after a field goal.  Throughout the half the only score is another field goal by the Vikings.  Second half both teams looked different, while the Seahawks looked much stronger. The Vikings now can’t seem to get a grip.  The Seahawks scored three consecutive touchdowns, pushing a lead over the Vikings.  The Vikings get back on the offensive with a touchdown and an unsuccessful 2 point conversion.  Seahawks WR David Moore gets a shot, but the ball slips through his hands changing an easy touchdown chance to third down. In the fourth-quarter, Vikings run the ball down the field all the way to the red zone finishing off the drive with a TD pass.  Vikings back on top 26-21, get an interception which takes the clock to 2 minutes to go.  The Seahawks gain possession of the ball back after the Viking’s mistake; they went for it on fourth down, even though they could have taken a field goal, making the game two possession.  With the Seahawks on top they have a solid chance, keeping the drive alive with a 35 yard pass on fourth down.  At this point, the Seahawks are at the six yard line, and on another fourth and goal, Russell Wilson pulls off a last attempt to turn the tides of the game, and scores a touchdown!  They go for a two-point attempt which is unsuccessful, and give the ball back to the Vikings with 15 seconds on the clock.  However, a fumble ends the game for the Vikings, and makes them take an unfortunate loss, because of a fourth-down mistake.

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