New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers

February 3, 2021

This Monday night football game was a very heated one, with the Los Angeles Chargers and the New Orleans Saints ready to battle it out.  Early on, the running game proved to be the most effective for both teams.  The Chargers get an early passing touchdown after a 20 yard run, however they miss the extra point.  The next two drives are both shut down with decent defense from both teams.  After the last drive for the Saints, they are able to dive to the 30 so Wil Lutz is able to get a 48 yard field goal in the last seconds of the first quarter.  The Chargers then reply with a massive shot down the field setting up another touchdown. QB Drew Brees throws an interception, allowing the Chargers to score making it 20-3 Chargers on top.  However the Saints get their game together allowing them a final touchdown of the half. Lutz gets another massive field goal from 53 yards away, and makes it 20-13.   Saints with the ball back scored on another deep pass with 17 unanswered points now.  Both teams score one more time sending this already tense game into overtime.  Saints with the ball first, score 3 in overtime, making the score 30-27 Saints up.  The Chargers end up losing after being half a yard short from the first down.  That’s how the Saints come up on top after a rough start.

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