Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders

February 3, 2021

This was an intense game between last year’s Super Bowl Champions and the Las Vegas Raiders, in a rivalry that has been around since the AFC East began. It starts off with a long pass down the field by Mahomes for a touchdown, which would be negated by a penalty.  This allowed the Raiders an early three points, set up by QB Derek Carr and his excellent pass down the field.  These aggressive teams trade blows back and forth until the half, leaving the scoreboard showing a 24-24 tie. Now in the second half the Raiders score on back-to-back drives, making the score 33-24 Raiders. The Chiefs try to respond on the offensive side of the ball, but Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes throws his first interception of the season, allowing the Raiders their third consecutive score, to gain a 16 point lead over the Chiefs.  Later, in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs are able to score their first points of the half with a touchdown plus a two-point conversion.  The Chiefs are behind, and are unable to get their hands back on the ball resulting in a 40-32 win for the Raiders, and the first loss of the season for the Chiefs.

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