NFL Season Recap Part 1

Game Highlights From Weeks 5-9

February 3, 2021

This was a very unusual football season, for obvious reasons, but that didn’t stop us and the NFL from making this the best season yet. Below are some great games to recap and learn about in case you missed them. We hope you learn a thing or two, or change your mind about something, but if you don’t, that’s ok. Use the menu above entitled “Game by Game” to skip to your favorite teams or see some interesting observations and trivia at the end.

Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This Thursday night game between Chicago and Tampa Bay is a battle between QB Nick Foles and Tom Brady, with a Super Bowl rematch, however this time, on different teams (Foles went from Eagles to Bears and Brady went from Patriots to Buccaneers). It started with the Buccaneers scoring a field goal and WR Mike Evans catching a touchdown in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Bucs kicked in another field goal to make it 13 zero, but the Bears later responded with two touchdowns, a three-yard run by RB David Montgomery, and TE Jimmy Graham catching a nice one handed grab in the end zone. That would be his fourth touchdown of the season, tied for 7th in the league at the time. In the third quarter, the Buccaneers kicked yet another field goal to increase their lead. In the fourth, there were no touchdowns, but the Buccaneers kicker got his fourth good field goal of the night. At this point, the score was 17-19, and the Buccaneers were winning. The Bears were able to capitalize on a punt and get into field goal range. K Cairos Santos went out and got the game winning field goal with about 1-minute left. The Buccaneers offense couldn’t get far down the field and were stopped on downs (Tom Brady thinking it was 4th down), resulting in the Bears winning 20-19.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders

This was an intense game between last year’s Super Bowl Champions and the Las Vegas Raiders, in a rivalry that has been around since the AFC East began. It starts off with a long pass down the field by Mahomes for a touchdown, which would be negated by a penalty.  This allowed the Raiders an early three points, set up by QB Derek Carr and his excellent pass down the field.  These aggressive teams trade blows back and forth until the half, leaving the scoreboard showing a 24-24 tie. Now in the second half the Raiders score on back-to-back drives, making the score 33-24 Raiders. The Chiefs try to respond on the offensive side of the ball, but Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes throws his first interception of the season, allowing the Raiders their third consecutive score, to gain a 16 point lead over the Chiefs.  Later, in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs are able to score their first points of the half with a touchdown plus a two-point conversion.  The Chiefs are behind, and are unable to get their hands back on the ball resulting in a 40-32 win for the Raiders, and the first loss of the season for the Chiefs.

New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers

This Monday night football game was a very heated one, with the Los Angeles Chargers and the New Orleans Saints ready to battle it out.  Early on, the running game proved to be the most effective for both teams.  The Chargers get an early passing touchdown after a 20 yard run, however they miss the extra point.  The next two drives are both shut down with decent defense from both teams.  After the last drive for the Saints, they are able to dive to the 30 so Wil Lutz is able to get a 48 yard field goal in the last seconds of the first quarter.  The Chargers then reply with a massive shot down the field setting up another touchdown. QB Drew Brees throws an interception, allowing the Chargers to score making it 20-3 Chargers on top.  However the Saints get their game together allowing them a final touchdown of the half. Lutz gets another massive field goal from 53 yards away, and makes it 20-13.   Saints with the ball back scored on another deep pass with 17 unanswered points now.  Both teams score one more time sending this already tense game into overtime.  Saints with the ball first, score 3 in overtime, making the score 30-27 Saints up.  The Chargers end up losing after being half a yard short from the first down.  That’s how the Saints come up on top after a rough start.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings

These two very strong, and offensive teams both display lots of offensive potential in this game.  It starts with a score by the Minnesota Vikings after several 15 yard plays, and puts them up early in the game.  The Seattle Seahawks show an impressive drive that is ended by a sack by the Vikings defense.  The Vikings end up with another three points after a field goal.  Throughout the half the only score is another field goal by the Vikings.  Second half both teams looked different, while the Seahawks looked much stronger. The Vikings now can’t seem to get a grip.  The Seahawks scored three consecutive touchdowns, pushing a lead over the Vikings.  The Vikings get back on the offensive with a touchdown and an unsuccessful 2 point conversion.  Seahawks WR David Moore gets a shot, but the ball slips through his hands changing an easy touchdown chance to third down. In the fourth-quarter, Vikings run the ball down the field all the way to the red zone finishing off the drive with a TD pass.  Vikings back on top 26-21, get an interception which takes the clock to 2 minutes to go.  The Seahawks gain possession of the ball back after the Viking’s mistake; they went for it on fourth down, even though they could have taken a field goal, making the game two possession.  With the Seahawks on top they have a solid chance, keeping the drive alive with a 35 yard pass on fourth down.  At this point, the Seahawks are at the six yard line, and on another fourth and goal, Russell Wilson pulls off a last attempt to turn the tides of the game, and scores a touchdown!  They go for a two-point attempt which is unsuccessful, and give the ball back to the Vikings with 15 seconds on the clock.  However, a fumble ends the game for the Vikings, and makes them take an unfortunate loss, because of a fourth-down mistake.

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

This was a great game played by two rivals of the AFC South. The Tennessee Titans would get the ball first, but they can’t do anything with it, so they punt. The Houston Texans have to punt on the next drive though, and so the Titans get the ball back. They drive down the field and the drive results in TE Anthony Firkster getting his first touchdown of the season. The next Titans drive, they score again. This time it is their star wide receiver AJ Brown, who is back from injury. The Texans answer that with a touchdown to TE Darren Fells, but the Titans get another touchdown by WR Adam Humphries. The Texans end up finishing the drive out with a field goal, but they are down 21-10. The Texans get the ball to start the second half, but they end up punting. Then the Titans are able to get into position for an easy field goal, but it is blocked, which is not something you see normally. Now, the Titans start to fall apart. Some of their next drives result in a fumble, a missed field goal, and an INT, and the Texans next two drives are both touchdowns. However, before the interception, right after a Texan punt, on the first play of the drive at the Tennessee six, the Titans get a 94 YARD RUN BY DERRICK HENRY! Henry got the open hole and just outran every defender in his way! But wait! Don’t think that was the end for the Texans because they get a touchdown immediately after! That’s right! The next drive immediately started with WR Will Fuller V getting a huge 53 yard pass, and then TE Pharaoh Brown getting the 22 yard grab for the TD! After this drive is the INT by Tennessee stated above. At this point, it’s the middle of the fourth and Houston is winning 30-29. The next drive is a touchdown by the Texans. WR Brandin Cooks is able to score, but when the Texans go for two, Watson can’t complete it to WR Randall Cobb. So now the Texans are winning 36-29, so they kick the ball away. This Titans drive would be the last of the fourth quarter drives. There is still around 2 minutes left, so lots of time to get something going. The Titans have to drive down field to score 7 points. Later in the drive, with 4 seconds left, Tannehill throws it to Brown again and he catches it! That was his second touchdown of the game and Tannehill’s fourth. They knock in the extra point and it’s off to overtime. The Titans get the ball first and they start driving. Remember, in overtime if you get a field goal, the other team gets the ball and has a chance. If the team receiving the ball at the beginning of OT scores at TD, it is game over. Big plays like Derrick Henry getting a 53 yard catch and RB Jeremy McNichols getting 17 yards on the ground sets up a touchdown by Henry, which will win the game for Tennessee. Henry took the snap with Tannehill lined up on the outside, and he ran it in for 5 yards. Game over, but still this was a very close and exciting game, and we will see if the Titans hold up their winning streak and if the Texans can get out of this losing slump.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions and Falcons face off in this exciting game. It started with touchdowns by D’Andre Swift and Todd Gurley, but I am going to skip ahead to the exciting part. The score is 14-16 Lions, but the Falcons have the ball in the red zone. Their goal was NOT to score a touchdown, but to kneel at the one yard line, burn the clock, and with little time, kick in an easy field goal to win the game. What actually happened is that RB Todd Gurley tripped and accidentally scored a touchdown! The Falcons go for two and get it, so the score is 22-16 with around 55 seconds left. The Lions and their dominant offense steps out with zero timeouts. Their first play is incomplete, but they quickly get a first down after that. QB Matthew Stafford spikes the ball to stop the clock, and then WR Danny Amendola gets a big catch for 22 yards. Stafford spikes the ball again, and then he throws another big 29 yard pass to WR Kenny Golladay. Now they are at the 11 yard line. Stafford spikes the ball a third time to stop the clock at 3 seconds. It is the last play and Stafford throws a pass to TE TJ Hockensen for the win! Matt Prater kicks in the extra point to win it 22-23.

New England Patriots vs. San Francisco 49ers

This was sure to be a good game, but it ended up being just a blowout. One notable player is RB Jeff Wilson Jr. He was one of the backups for an injured Raheem Mostert and he put on a show. The game started pretty evenly, with the 49ers scoring on the first drive. That was one of Jeff Wilson Jr’s three touchdowns. Later, in the second quarter, the Patriots got a 40 yard field goal to make it seven-three, but the 49ers responded with a field goal and a touchdown by RB Kyle Juszczyk. This touchdown came from QB Cam Newton throwing an interception. After the touchdown, the Patriots punted and the 49ers drove down the field and finished with Wilson running in a 16 yard touchdown. On the second play of the next New England drive, Cam Newton throws his second pick. The 49ers can’t capitalize and QB Jimmy Garoppollo throws an interception, but by that time, it was halftime. The Patriots get the ball to start the second half and they make the score 23-6 with another field goal, but the 49ers got down the field and Wilson gets his third TD of the game, but he gets injured on the play. He did not return in this game. The next drive resulted in Cam Newton’s third interception, and then he was benched. He finished the game going 9-15 with 98 yards and three INT’s. There wasn’t anymore scoring in the rest of the game, so at the end, the score was 33-6. This would make the 49ers 4-3 and make the NFC West a division with teams with all winning records. New England lose for the third time in a row and the second time at home.

Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

These two undefeated teams go head ready to brawl it out over in Tennessee.  On the opening drive, Steelers take a quick touchdown giving them an early lead and making a strong statement.  The Steelers get the ball in the end zone a second time before the Titans get their first score. Now with two minutes in the half the Steelers score an astonishing ten points, and fight to keep up this lead.  We move into the second half, the Steelers are up 24-7. Steelers get another score this time off of a 30 yard field goal. Now with a 20 point lead Steelers look indomitable. The Titans however pick up their game with a touchdown immediately after. That’s not the end though, for Tennessee quickly takes an interception, and gains a 51 yard field goal by K Gostkowski! Now with the scoreboard showing 27-17 the Titans are back in the game!   A holding penalty gives the Titans their third consecutive score, and now the teams are neck-in-neck, with only a 3 point difference.  Titans get a key interception in the end zone and hands Ben Roethlisberger his third interception, but the Titans aren’t able to capitalize on the turnover and end up missing another field goal. The end score leaves the Steelers undefeated with a 27-24 victory.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

This was a very exciting game as the two rivals faced each other for the second and final time this season. The Bengals got the ball first, and they were able to drive to the red zone, but then first draft pick QB Joe Burrow threw a pick in the end zone. The Browns got the ball at their own four and on the second play of the drive, QB Baker Mayfield threw an interception. This was intended for WR Odell Beckham Jr, and when Beckham was trying to tackle the Cincinnati intercepter, he injured himself. He would not return for the rest of the game. Cincinnati started a new drive at the Cleveland 24, and in three plays, they were able to score with Joe Burrow getting it in at the one yard line. The score now was 7-0. At the end of the half, the Browns and the Bengals both have another field goal and a touchdown, with WR Tyler Boyd and TE Harrison Bryant getting the TD’s. To start the second half, the Browns drive down the field with great plays by Bryant. The drive ends with a touchdown by Bryant, so that is his second. Bryant is having a great game so far. The Bengals answer with a field goal, and then its mayhem. The teams score touchdowns on the next five drives. Their defenses must stink. Anyways, this is the fourth of the five drives, and the Bengals are driving with not much time left, and with about a minute left, on 4th and 1, the Bengals go for it and Burrow passes the ball to the backup running back Gionavi Bernard and he scores! Now the score is 34 to 31, Bengals. But Baker Mayfield doesn’t give up. He first throws it to WR Donovan Peoples-Jones for 13 yards, and then to WR Rashard Higgins for 8 yards. Then Higgins gets another catch, this time for thirty yards! After they call a timeout, Donovan Peoples-Jones gets his second catch of the drive, this time now for a 24 yard touchdown! There is no time left, and so the game ends with the score being 37-34.

Fun facts: Cody Parkey, the kicker for the Bears that missed the field goal against the Eagles is now the kicker for the Browns! And at this point (Week 7) he hasn’t missed a field goal yet! He was the kicker for the Tennessee Titans last year. Also, did you know that Baker Mayfield started out 0/5 and also had a pick, but finished only not completing ONE of his next 23 passes? He also had 5 touchdowns!

Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

The undefeated Seahawks against the 4-2 Cardinals starts off with a quick three minute touchdown drive by some amazing passes by Russell Wilson.  With another excellent drive, Wilson and his team get an early 10-0 lead, and the future’s looking bright for them in this game.  Cardinals also show their offensive power getting WR DeAndre Hopkins getting into the end zone for seven points.  The Seahawks got another field goal, this one from 44 yards away.  Now 13-7 Seahawks get a recovered fumble on the Cardinals side of the field.  However things spiral downhill here, with S Budda Baker intercepting the ball at the goal line, and then taking all the way to the Seahawks’ five but getting tackled in the end by incredible speed from WR DK Metcalf.  Now at the five yard line the Cardinals throw away their drive getting a turnover on downs.  The Cardinals made a mistake though, giving the opportunity to the Seahawks to score on a running touchdown. But the Cardinals retaliate right before the end of the half.  However the Seahawks are not done with yet. With a minute, and thirty seconds the Seahawks score another touchdown, and both offensive teams go into the locker rooms while the scoreboard shows 27-17 as the Cardinals scored another field goal.  Cardinals control the other half allowing the Seahawks only seven points, while the Cardinals score a solid 17 points doubling their score.  These two strong teams go into overtime, but Wilson, and the Seahawks are unable to do anything with the first possession of OT.  Both teams struggle to score as the Cardinals miss their first field goal.  Now the Cardinals get a pick, and are able to score a field goal ending the game.  Cardinals rack up another win, while the Seahawks get their first unfortunate loss at the end of Week 7.


Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

These two strong teams are up against each other, and while one has had more luck than the other; this game is sure to be pretty tense.  It’s a blustery day in Green Bay which will affect the distance teams will feel comfortable with kicking the ball.  However there is little need for that as both teams are quick to score touchdowns.  Packers score first in roughly 10 short minutes into the game. RB Dalvin Cook is the name of this game.  He carries the Vikings to their first score. Cook will be the Vikings win condition for this game.  Two drives; two touchdowns one for each team in the first quarter. QB Aaron Rodgers under pressure keeps the drive alive getting the ball to the 7 yard line.  Green Bay is able to score with a play-action pass from Rodgers to WR Davante Adams. Things don’t look good after a sack made it 2nd and 19 for the Vikings.  However the attempt on fourth down proves to be crucial as it will keep them alive on a scoring drive. Cook will drive down the field for another touchdown.  Into the half the teams are all tied up both at 14 points.  The Vikings get the ball first, and Cook breaks a tackle, and immediately gets into Green Bay territory.  After two pass interferences favoring the Vikings, Dalvin Cook scored his third touchdown.  Packers with their first drive in the half, struggle to complete their passes.  Oh, and let me tell you, DALVIN COOK WITH HIS FOURTH TOUCHDOWN FOR THE VIKINGS IN THIS GAME.  He gets a 50 yard catching touchdown giving the Vikings a fair lead over the Packers. Cook still manages to keep carrying the team to victory.  After two unsuccessful drives for each team Green Bay is able to finally get things together, and scores for the first time in the second half, and is able to score a TD, and a two point conversion.  Packers hopes of winning ends with a fumble recovered by Minnesota.  Right after an injury, Cook is able to carry the Vikings to victory with most of their scores and yardage.

Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints

The game starts off with the Saints in possession, and they are easily able to drive down the field in 12 plays for a 38 yard field goal by K Wil Lutz. The Bears answer back with a 44 yard field goal attempt and it is good. The Saints get the ball back and on the third play of the drive and the last play of the quarter, Drew Brees throws a short pass to RB Alvin Kamara that ends up getting around 35 YAC (yards after catch). TE and later QB Taysom Hill also ran once on this drive to get 14 yards. This helped set up an easy 27 yard field goal attempt, but Wil Lutz missed, turning the ball over back to the Bears offense. Chicago capitalized on this and they are able to drive down and get the first touchdown of the game! This is set up by an amazing 50 yard pass from QB Nick Foles to WR Darnell Mooney. Two plays later, Foles makes another great pass, this time to WR Allen Robinson II for 24 yards. Now in the second quarter, the Bears tack on another 3 points, and the Saints get their first touchdown, which was to TE Jared Cook. Now the score is 13-10, and things are very tense. After the Bears punt at the start of the third quarter, Lutz redeems himself by making a 27 yard field goal, the amount that he missed from earlier. Now the Bears start to fall apart. Foles throws his first INT, and soon, the Saints get another easy field goal. After that, the Bears punt again, but the Saints’ luck runs out as they go for it on fourth and one, but fail to convert. Chicago also has a turnover on downs, so the Saints offense is back on the field. This time they score with Taysom Hill getting a 20 yard grab. Bears are able to bounce back though, and they score as well, with Mooney getting the pass from Nick Foles. On the Saints next possession, they punt, so with 1:51 left in the game, they start to drive. A crucial play by WR Anthony Miller saves the Bears when he got a first down on fourth down and eight. Finally, with 13 seconds left, Cairos Santos kicks in a long 51 yard field goal to tie it up. This leads us into overtime. The Saints start it off, but they end up punting. The Bears get the ball, but they punt as well. When the Saints get the ball back, they start moving the chains. They are able to get into field goal range and Lutz successfully kicks a 35 yard field goal for the win! The Saints get their second win in overtime this season, and the unfortunate Bears lose their second game in a row.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers

Last year’s Super Bowl Winners, up against the Panthers.  The Panthers have another offensive weapon now with star running back Christian McCaffery back, and ready to play.  In Kansas City the Panthers start off and they score on fourth down early with McCaffery.  Chiefs drive down the field, but have to settle with a field goal.  The Panthers keep the drive alive by using a fake punt that goes 28-yards.  The Panthers scored another touchdown, running it on the ground.  Chiefs again have to settle for another field goal, making the score 14-6.  The Panthers are unable to score, but the Chiefs are able to score on their third consecutive drive, this time with a touchdown.  Panthers score a field goal, and the Chiefs are unable to recover.  QB Patrick Mahomes gets two key passes, and scores to take the lead in the 3rd quarter.  Chiefs score again with some deep passes, and get a nine point lead with the scoreboard saying 26-17.  McCaffery gets a deep catch, followed by a running touchdown by QB Teddy Bridgewater.  Mahomes gets another touchdown to WR Tyreek Hill as the Chiefs start making their comeback.  Panthers score one more time with Christian McCaffrey, but they are unable to take the lead, as they miss a deciding 67 yard field goal, maybe because it’s a 67 yard field goal. No ones going to make that. Anyways, this gives the Chiefs a record of 8-1 with a 33-31 win over the Carolina Panthers.


The NFC Least

We can all agree that by week 7, the NFC East was the worst division in football by a longshot. They were absolutely TERRIBLE.

If you don’t know what the NFC East is, they are a division in the NFC that consists of the Washington Football team, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, and the Philadelphia Eagles. After week seven, the whole division was led by a 2-4 Cowboys. The leader of a division had a LOSING record!? Sorry to all fans of these teams. The whole division was 5-18-1 after week six.

Texans Endure Tough Start

In the first several weeks, the Texans were having a dreadful season. They started 2-6, third place in their division. Before you say, “Oh, their trash,” or, “Get rid of Deshaun Watson,” you should look at their schedule. They played the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, then the Ravens, the undefeated Steelers, the Vikings, the Titans, and the Packers, only winning twice against their rivals, the Jaguars. Most of the teams they played early in the season had only lost one game, and the Steelers hadn’t lost any!

The rest of the schedule wasn’t as bad, as their next three games were against the Jags again, the Patriots, and the Browns. Deshaun Watson has been doing well, but he doesn’t have enough good players around him. They lost star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in a trade, which I considered to be a terrible trade for the Texans. This was a bad season for any Texans fans out there.

Notable Thanksgiving Notes

The Ravens and Steelers game was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving, but because of Covid and positive Covid tests, it was moved to Sunday, then Tuesday, and then finally at 3:40 on Wednesday. Only one game has been played on a Wednesday before, which was the New York Giants against the Dallas Cowboys.

And speaking of Wednesdays, the addition of the Wednesday game means that there has been a game played on every day of the week this season. There were Saturday games in December, and some Friday games on Christmas!

Reasons for Football Team Names

Have you ever wondered why the Steelers are called the Steelers? Or the Browns, the Browns? Well, there is usually some history behind it. Whether its colors, coaches, players, or companies, there is always some method to the madness.

Arizona Cardinals: You may think they were named after the bird, but the team was actually named after the color of their jerseys, “cardinal” red


Atlanta Falcons: This name was chosen in a fan contest because falcons are “proud and dignified” and has “great courage”


Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens is the only literary name; famous poet Edgar Allan Poe lived in Baltimore and was known for his poem, “The Raven.”


Buffalo Bills: Fans chose this name in a contest to honor famous frontiersman Buffalo Bill Cody


Carolina Panthers:  Picked by the owners son, the name Panthers was meant to connect the team name to the colors of black, silver, and blue.


Chicago Bears:  When George Halas bought the football team, he changed the name to the Bears because Chicago’s baseball team is the Cubs, and football players are usually bigger in size than baseball players.

Cincinnati Bengals:  Paul Brown chose this name because of a team previously in Cincinnati called the Bengals.



Cleveland Browns:  This team was named after their coach, Paul Brown.


Dallas Cowboys: Originally named the Rangers, it was changed to the Cowboys because there was a baseball team in Texas already named Rangers.


Denver Broncos: The name Broncos was picked as a fan entry because there are large numbers of broncos in Colorado and Denver.


Detroit Lions:  Since Detroit’s baseball team is named the Tigers, they chose the Lions to stay on theme. Since the lion is “the monarch of the jungle,” they hoped their team would be “the monarch of the NFL.”


Green Bay Packers-Picked because football player Curly Lambeau got the uniforms for the team under the condition that they would be named after the people who gave him that, and since they were named the Indian Packing Company, they became the Packers


Houston Texans: This name was chosen in a contest and exhibits the famous pride citizens have for their state.


Indianapolis Colts: The original team was located in Baltimore, and was chosen because of the importance of horse breeding, and racing in this region.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Yet another name chosen in a fan contest. This one has some nice alliteration, though.


Kansas City Chiefs: When the team was moved to Kansas City during the 1860s, the team name was selected by a contest for fans.


Los Angeles Chargers: Though their logo shows a charge of electricity, the name was chosen because at the start of the Dodgers and USC games, they would yell, “Charge!”  Hence the name Chargers.

Los Angeles Rams: General manager Damon Wetzel liked another football team called the Fordham Rams, so he borrowed the name and it stuck.


Las Vegas Raiders: The name followed the team from Oakland, CA to Las Vegas. They were originally going to be called the “Oakland Señors” which won a contest, but the name was the target of local jokes, and was changed to the Raiders before the 1960 season began.

Miami Dolphins: The result of another fan contest, the dolphin is admired as a fast and strong animal capable of killing whales or sharks.  It is also appropriate for this seaside city.


Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota is famous for its Scandinavian heritage, so drew on that history for their team name, the Vikings.


New England Patriots:  This team was named after the people who fought for freedom in the American Revolution, many of whom were from the Northern states of New England.


New Orleans Saints:  Fans who voted for this name chose it because of the song, “When the Saints Go Marching In.”  Their logo, the fleur-de-lis, is based on the cities heavily French heritage.


New York Giants: The NY Giants took the same name as the city’s baseball team. Since both teams had the same name, they were referred to as the Football Giants until the other Giants moved.


New York Jets: The original name of this team was the Titans, but it was later changed to symbolize the new, fast, and modern team, in hopes to reflect upon team performance.


Philadelphia Eagles: Yes, the eagle is a symbol of the United States. And, yes, Philadelphia was home to many founding fathers.  But the name Eagles was specifically chosen because it was the symbol of the National Recovery Act, part of FDR’s New Deal after the Great Depression.


Pittsburgh Steelers:  Pittsburgh has long been the home of the steel industry, so they took the name of this strong metal for their many fans who worked in the industry.


Seattle Seahawks:  The Seahawk, also known as an osprey, is a bird of prey that lives in the Northwest and is often seen over the city of Seattle.  This name was picked in a fan contest.  The symbol is styled after Seattle’s indigenous heritage.

San Francisco 49ers:  This team was named after the gold rush of 1849, when prospectors came to California to get rich on gold.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Pirates that used to maraud the waters off of the Spanish American coasts were referred to as buccaneers.  This fan-chosen name can be used to describe someone as daring, adventurous, and sometimes reckless.


Tennessee Titans:  Originally the Houston Oilers, the team moved to Nashville in 1997. An advisory committee was asked to come up with a new name that would reflect the traits of He let it be known that the new name should reflect “power, strength, leadership and other heroic qualities.” Titans, figures from Greek mythology, was a great fit because Nashville’s nickname is “The Athens of the South.” They even have a full scale replica of the Parthenon.

Washington Football Team:  The newest name on the roster, this team hastily changed it’s name before the 2020 season under pressure from it’s advertisers to remove its prior, culturally inappropriate name. They are based in Washington, D.C., as the name implies.

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