‘Among Us’ Popular Distraction During Quarantine


If you’ve been feeling bored during quarantine, you’ve probably already discovered Among Us along with millions of other players.

This is, in fact, not a brand new game; it was made two years ago. Created in June of 2018, it has more recently become the number one app in the category “simulation” and has had over 100 million downloads and 60 million daily players, according to industry magazine Sensor Tower and the game’s creator Inner Sloth.

Its sudden overwhelming popularity is partly due to many well-known Twitch streamers showing their games online. Famous influencers such as James Charles, Mr. Beast, and Pewdiepie have all uploaded their playing experiences on YouTube.

Another reason for its popularity, of course, is people’s desire to connect with others in the age of social distancing. The private servers make it so you can separately play with whoever you invite. These servers make it fun to connect with friends and family in a fun, bonding game.

You could also join a public server to find new people to play with every time.

The game takes place on a space-ship, and like a classic locked-room mystery, players must identify the imposter among them. The screen shows a map full of crewmates, each seemingly going about their business with daily tasks.

Only the imposter knows their true identity, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. The imposter can sabotage or kill fellow crewmates, being careful not to get caught on the cameras. The crewmates report any victims they find and then try to guess who is the imposter in meetings.

This game has many unique features that allow users to customize the maps and tasks and let people host servers for others to join. The servers make the game a multiplayer set, with the choice of four to ten players.

Among Us players have had some issues in the game for the past few months. After the glitches and many hackers ruining the overall experience in the game, many players want the creator to fix the issues.

“The creator of this game could definitely try to help stop the glitches it has been getting recently,” suggested Jessica, a student, and a regular player.

They have also been wanting updates to the game, such as more skins, accessories, maps, and a choice to friend people you meet in the public servers (though this ability is not recommended for young players.)

“I feel that it isn’t as good as the other mainstream games like Roblox or Minecraft, but it could become more popular with some added updates,” said Jessica.

Of course, there are also many positive reviews on this game. Compared to other mainstream mobile games, it seems as if the sudden popularity would fade in a month or two, but that isn’t the case here; among Us has rapidly increased in players and downloads.

Whatever the reason for the game’s popularity, whether it’s the funny, colorful avatars, or the unique tasks, it shows no signs of slowing down.