Lacrosse Increasing In Popularity


Keith Johnson/Pixabay

Lacrosse is increasing in popularity among youth players.

Lacrosse is currently enjoying a resurgence, with nearly 447,000 people under the age of 14 presently playing the sport, according to a Digital Media Solutions article called “Lacrosse Wins Big with Major Brands & Younger Audiences.”

With new players showing up on his team in droves, LMS student and lacrosse player Owen R. says that the new players say it is enjoyable, easy to learn, and fun to play with friends.

The goal of the game is to carry the ball down the field and shoot it in the net without losing possession of the ball. All of this happens, however, without ever touching the ball. Each person on the field has a stick with a net on the end that they use to catch and throw the ball. To drive the ball down the field, players pass the ball to their teammates with a smooth swoosh of their stick.

“Teammates on the field make a big difference in the game,” explained Owen. “If you have a good team, then you will have a better time playing because they are going to have the ball more because they all pass it around.”

So why are so many people signing up for lacrosse? Well, lacrosse is a fast-paced game. Unlike baseball, lacrosse is fast-moving, and there is always action. Right after scoring, you reset the ball and start playing in 30 seconds.

The Digital Media Solutions article says players are also joining because lacrosse players and spectators say it is easy to pick up, which Owen corroborates.

“The more you practice the game, the more fluent you will get with it,” said Owen. After only a few practices, players will be able to shoot, pass and cradle more fluently than when they


Another reason more people are joining lacrosse, according to Owen, is because it is so fun to play with friends. Having friends on the team means you have someone to practice with, and it inspires you to practice harder.

More people are joining lacrosse than ever. Lacrosse is such a fun, fast-paced, active game that everybody can learn and have fun playing.