Lunch Provides Key Ingredients to Get Through the Day

Lunch is often one of the favorite parts of the day. If someone is having a bad morning, they can look forward to lunch. According to The Fairfax County Youth Survey for 2018-2019, over 150,000 students reported going hungry at least some of the time. Specifically, 8% of FCPS’ 180,830 students. That’s not right; kids need healthy and tasty lunches every single day to function. As soon as the Governor shut down schools for the year, FCPS began serving “grab and go” meals at locations throughout the county. Before that, most students had a choice of school lunches or bringing their own. Regardless of where the lunch comes from, Longfellow students have one thing in common–they just want it to be good.Robert K. described his ideal lunch as, “Something that tastes good, looks good, smells good, and is enjoyable to eat.”

Kids need to eat well all the time, which includes lunch at school. According to Vickie Jones, from Pontchartrain Pediatrics.“It’s very important for many reasons such as giving more focus, energy, a stronger immune system, and it just gives great eating habits for when they grow to become an adult,” said Jones’ article, “5 reasons why teens need to eat healthy.”  Kids just want something simple and aren’t picky about it, just as long as it’s got the three main characteristics. Sophia S. said it simply: “Healthy, good and tasty.” Healthy, good, and tasty lunches come as all types of different foods, but they need to have the five food groups: protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Grain, and Dairy. There are many foods that allow for all the food groups in one easy dish: a sandwich, soup, or a fruit and yogurt parfait. Chicken pot pie mixes everything together in a tasty pie crust. Pizza would even work, depending on the toppings you choose. Just something healthy that you enjoy eating. Every child needs a good and tasty lunch every single day, and there are so many different varieties to choose from. It is so important that kids eat the proper amount of healthy and nutritious food, whether it be at home or at school.