MathCounts Makes Math Fun


David W.

There are many MathCounts trophies and awards hanging along the walls of the math wing.

On Fridays, most students go home to enjoy their weekends, but one group eagerly rushes to the math wing to participate in the MathCounts club. There, students exercise their problem-solving abilities in a competitive environment. By discussing a variety of strategies and techniques to solve math problems, students at the club excel in mathematics.
At the club, students who are passionate about math have the opportunity to meet others with similar interests. These students meet up every Friday after school to practice and hone their math skills.
“I participate in the MathCounts club to improve my competition math skills and to compete with friends,” explained MathCounts participant Winston C.
The name of the club might be misleading; students sometimes falsely perceive that the MathCounts club only teaches them math skills. Despite this stereotype, students not only improve their problem-solving abilities during the club, but they also learn many critical life skills along the way, such as teamwork and the ability to work under pressure.

David W.
Students in MathCounts are regularly ranked based on test scores. You’ll find them checking their standings where they are posted on the wall in the math hallway

“I think that students learn perseverance and perhaps even vulnerability, the willingness to admit that you can’t do something and ask for help, which is a skill hard for people,” stated math teacher Ms. Freeman, the current coach of the MathCounts club. “They also may have more humility, and they learn to be kind to each other.”
Other students enjoy exploring future possibilities at the MathCounts club.
“I have met new people who have taught me interesting things about math, and I have discovered that I am learning,” said Laura Z., a member of the MathCounts club.
The math problems provided in the MathCounts club require cunning applications of math rather than direct applications.
“In my opinion, MathCounts math isn’t real math,” explains former MathCounts coach Mr Huang. “It is a set of tricks — parlor tricks — that make one feel good about being quick.”
Nevertheless, the MathCounts club is a place for students of similar interests to gather and discuss math problem-solving strategies. Also, some participants have been inspired to love math.
“The MathCounts club increases my math skills and motivates me to learn more math at home,” said participant Lumi L.
Furthermore, students practice many positive life skills, such as collaboration, modesty, and the ability to work under pressure.