Students Not Signing After School Cause Inconvenience and Safety Concerns

Students Not Signing After School Cause Inconvenience and Safety Concerns

At 2:25  pm, like clockwork, After-School Coordinator Mr. Martinez chimes in with an announcement. “At this time, you should be in your first block activity. Please sign in.”  Emphasis on the please. But his plea often goes unheard, as students habitually forget to do so.          

This reminder is key in order to maintain the safety of all students during a possible emergency. If danger arises, it is critical that the school knows who is in the building. Signing in after school provides this information. 

“Student safety and knowing where students are located at all times is really important,“ Martinez stated.

The school has a responsibility to “Care for your child while your child is within school premises,” according to Hogan Injury, a Legal Office. Not signing in can cause problems for student safety. 

“A parent calling during a lockdown to verify their student stayed after school, and not being able to let them know if their student is here or not is a scary situation for a parent,” says Martinez. 

This is a big concern among parents because of the increasing frequency of school shootings. 

There were 93 school shootings with casualties at U.S. public and private elementary and secondary schools in 2020-2021 — the highest number in 20 years,” says Campus Safety, an information network for student well-being at school. 

Another reason that signing in after school is important is that it is an annoyance to administration and parents when they try to find students. 

When parents come to check out students, it is frustrating not knowing where students are located,” said Martinez. 

Signing in after school may not seem like a big deal to students, but it ensures their convenience and safety.