Science Olympiad Team 5th in Nation

The Science Olympiad team beat Longfellow’s best record at Nationals, taking 5th place overall. (Photo Courtesy of Susan Boomer)

The Science Olympiad team is a fascinating example of what is possible with teamwork.  Students prepare all year for competitions throughout the state, and usually nationally. The team was thrilled with their 5th place finish at the National tournament at Wichita State University this year with their best performance in the team’s history.

Each member of the team is a key factor in the team’s success. If one member fails at their part, the entire team’s points will be deducted because every event placement is included in the team’s overall score. This means that a huge amount of teamwork is needed.

 The team has participated in twelve tournaments this year:  the Dodgen Invitational, the Dick Smith Invitational, the Lake Braddock Invitational, the Rustin Invitational, the Virginia Tech Invitational, the STEMBoost Invitational, the Kennedy Invitational, the BirdSO Invitational, the Lexington Invitational, the Regional tournament, the State tournament, and the National tournament.  The Science Olympiad team has been a top finisher at every tournament this year.  

These successes are just a taste of where their teamwork and dedication can take them.

“The chances of making TJ are higher when you become more successful in Science Olympiad,” explained Sarah L., an 8th grade member of the team. 

TJ, or Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, was named the number one high school in the country by US News and World Report in 2021 and 2022. According to Sarah, about ⅔ of the people who get into Science Olympiad at Longfellow get into TJ.  

But it isn’t just about success in school, it is about figuring out what you love. 

   Benjamin Zeng says, “Science Olympiad has helped me find my passion,” said Benjamin Z., another team member. “My interests are in science, so that helps me to learn stuff about science.”

Whether it’s biology, meteorology, moons, maps, engineering, or environmental science, studying for Science Olympiad helps students explore their interests. There’s also physics, chemistry, and even anatomy. Each event can improve members’ knowledge of all types of science, increasing their chances of success.            

Science Olympiad is a great community of members who work hard to achieve their successes.