Mod Club Builds Ships, Cars, Tanks, and Planes

Mod Club builds scale models of a variety of vehicles.

Photo by Bruce Walker

Mod Club builds scale models of a variety of vehicles.

If you have a fascination with building detailed models, then Mod Club is for you.  Members build model planes, warships, and cars for fun. This was the first year of the model club and it was very successful due to some very enthusiastic and supportive club members like Hudson B., Sofia H., Mason L., Stephen L., and Reed C. The club met on Tuesdays after school during first and second blocks and even showed up during some selected Lancer Times. 

Mr. McElroy sometimes came to the the Mod Club to work on his own models. (Photo by Bruce Walker)

The model club was not only for students, teachers with a passion for model making or who just wanted to check it out were also welcome. Long-time model maker and civics teacher Matt McElroy was a regular at club meetings, providing assistance and building World War I and II airplanes. 

In addition, Dave DeVilbiss, an expert model maker, who has over 50 years of model experience, was at every club meeting. He also provided guidance and support in helping each student perfect their craft in model making. The club really benefited from having an experienced and talented model maker like DeVilbiss volunteer his time each week to work with Longfellow Middle School students. 

The students worked on a wide selection of models that consisted of the P40B Tiger, SuperMarine Spitfire, M41 Tank, 1957 Chevy Belair, 66 Shelby GT35OH, US Kitty Hawk, and A10 Anti-Tank Plane. Some of the completed models can be viewed in the library on top of the bookcases

Model Expert Mr. DeVilbiss shared his expertise with club members.

Each student selected their own model to work on during club meetings and had the responsibility of building the model from start to finish with the technical support of Mr. DeVilbiss. Learning to work with small pieces and incorporating them into a larger model piece required patience and precision. Club members’ skills continued to grow each session with model design and selecting paint choices.  Though the students had their selected models to complete, they worked cooperatively in providing each other support on design and painting.  

The model club was just an idea until After-School Specialist Hector Martinez and school counselor Bruce Walker came on board to provide the school support and backing to make it a reality.  We look forward to having another fun year of model building next year. 

If you have a fascination with WWII battleships and building detailed models, then Battle Craft is the club for you.  Members build model planes/warships for fun and can join in either during lunchtime in the library or during second block after school.