Crochet Brings Peace, Lowers Stress

Student Jule C.E. crochets during down time to relax and destress.

Photo by Valentina C.

Student Jule C.E. crochets during down time to relax and destress.

Julia C.E. sits down at her desk after a long day. After finishing her science, math, and English homework, she pulls out her crochet hooks and yarns and continues working on her crochet tank top that she has been working on for the past two days. 

Crochet is the art of making something using crochet hooks and yarn. Julia has been crocheting for a few years now. She enjoys crocheting because of its soothing nature and how calm it makes her. 

“I crochet because it makes me feel relaxed and happy,” said Julia, age 14. “It helps for me to be able to make anything I dream of for myself and others. Crocheting is also a very beautiful hobby; it is great to do anytime.”

 Julia also stressed the fact that crochet is a fun activity. 

“Any age group can crochet because it is for every age group,” says Julia, who is, not surprisingly, crocheting while answering questions. 

When asked what emotions she associates with crochet or if she crochets when she is happy or sad, Julia says, “There isn’t a specific emotion that I associate with me crocheting; I just do it because I like it.” 

Julia does say that most of her friends do not crochet, but other Americans do! According to Crochet Penguin, “More than 45 million Americans knit or crochet.”  

Crochet and knitting saw a rise during the covid pandemic.  Crochet Statistics pointed out that a million more people started knitting in the UK during lockdown.

According to Statista, not only knitting but crochet became a way for many people to cope during the pandemic through death and confusion. In fact, even though Julia started crocheting a few years before COVID, lockdown definitely impacted her practice.  Crochet became a source of entertainment over the pandemic to destress, cool down and chillax.

“I especially got into it during COVID because I didn’t really have much to do, so crocheting was a chill and fun thing to do when I was bored.” 

Julia’s advice to new crocheters is to be patient, start with chunky yarn, and don’t be too hard on yourself.  Also, to enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project. 

“When I finish a project,” Julia said, “I feel a sense of accomplishment,” she explained.