Cold Stone vs. DQ


What do people crave on a hot, humid summer day? Ice cream! 

Dairy Queen is most known for their iconic Blizzards. A vanilla soft-serve ice cream so thick it can be flipped upside down and not fall out of its cup. It consists of “mix-ins” that vary from chocolate chips to cheesecake bits. Although they’re mainly known for their soft-serve ice cream and ice cream cakes, their menu also includes food like burgers and chicken sandwiches, which makes them different from other ice cream shops. 

“I think their blizzards are the best,” said 7th grader Anna T. She prefers DQ over Cold Stone because it is closer to where she lives.

Another seventh grader, Josephine E., also likes Dairy Queen better.

“I like Dairy Queen because I like their soft-serve ice creams,” she said.

If soft-serve ice cream isn’t for you, go to Cold Stone Creamery. They have a large variety of ice cream flavors, from birthday cake remix to chocolate devotion. Or for milkshakes, mint chocolate chip, coffee, and seasonal flavors like eggnog for Christmas. There are 31 toppings available to customers, including apple pie filling, chocolate chip, cookie dough, and so much more. 

If you can’t choose between the two creameries, it can come down to the range of the prices. The prices of Dairy Queen products vary from $2.33 to $4.69, depending on size and whether you want a blizzard or a cone. Fun fact, if your server fails to flip your blizzard without it falling out, you’re rewarded with a free blizzard. 

Cold Stone’s prices are a little higher, ranging from $5.85 to $6.73, based on what size you choose, so you need to be willing to spend a little extra money.  

“I like Cold Stone better because I think there are more options for what you want,” said 7th grader Daphne E.

When it comes down to it, does it really matter where you get your sweet treats this summer?  DQ, Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins, or  Ben & Jerry’s, enjoy those sweet delectable treats wherever you can find them.