NJHS Builds Resumes


Photo Courtesy of Longfellow Middle School

Hallways cameras captured the hard work of NJHS students painting the mural for the Spring Dance, which was hosted by NJHS

One of the most prestigious organizations in Longfellow is the  National Junior Honor Society. To be accepted, members must have a GPA greater than 3.75 in 7th grade, and maintain that in their 8th grade year.                                                                     

NJHS is a rigorous program where students are encouraged to work in their community.  Students who are interested in elite high school programs such as Thomas Jefferson use this organization to help boost their academic career.  NJHS is a key to uplift their educational standards. 

To stay in NJHS, members need to complete 15 service hours during the year.  Service hours provide an opportunity to help both the school community and local organizations outside of school. 

Service hours can vary from volunteering to set up school activities to assisting disabled kids to learn how to ride a bike.  Performing these service hours teaches the students the importance of contributing to the communities they live in. 

 These service hours can also be fun for students across the board.  

“Some of the service hours I like, some of them I don’t, although most of them were pretty fun,” said 8th grader Nicholas R. who volunteered to help with fun fair at Lemon Road Elementary and science fair at Laurel Ridge Elementary. 

Through service, students are able to connect with their community and benefit them as well.  The communities are always very happy with your progress and what people do to help the community.  

 “It was great to see how excited the kids were, not just to be having fun, but to see the older students from their community,” said Nick.

NJHS is also a great way to do something outside of school that will shape who you become as an adult.

“[Service] provides students with a resume builder, especially if you’re applying to private schools such as Thomas Jefferson High School,” said the group’s sponsor Bindhu Zachariah, “It also allows you to put it on your high school activities and leadership activities.”  

The National Junior Honor Society is a great program that allows students to forge life experiences through their volunteer hours. This program benefits the students and opens up their learning opportunities. NJHS is a key factor for success in education