Goodbye, Longfellow, Hello Highschool

Eighth graders bid Longfellow a fond farewell.

Photo by Kiara D.

Eighth graders bid Longfellow a fond farewell.

As the year comes to an end, eighth graders are preparing to depart from middle school and embark on their high school journey.

According to school psychologist Dr. Julia Blasey, the middle school years have been spent building the skills necessary for high school. 

“Middle school is the first time where students have more independence so they gain more skills with doing more things on their own that were maybe before done for them in elementary school,” said Dr. Blasey.

These skills, like organizing homework, getting work done, and doing more social activities independently, are key to a successful high school experience. Although students may go to different schools, everyone is on the same path. It is important to remember that counselors are available to help, whether you go to Mclean, Langley, TJ, or anywhere else.  

The workload can be intimidating, so Woodson High School (a part of FCPS) has published a freshman guide on its website to help students manage their stress. Tips for success include using agendas/calendars, making appointments, and finding the right place to study.

Nonetheless, students are excited to enter a new phase. 

“I’m looking forward to track and sports and, honestly, the drama,” said 8th grader Jericho V. who will be heading to McLean.

 Another 8th grader, Audrey Wardach, looks forward to a little more freedom in high school.   “I don’t really like using my locker, and hopefully, there’s less bathroom restrictions because I really don’t like e-hall pass.”

As much as they are looking forward to high school, they are looking forward to summer even more.  

“School is gonna end,” said Jericho, “ just don’t worry about it.” 

As the last day of school approaches quickly, there are still events that the school has planned. Lancers can look forward to a day off on Memorial Day and the Spring Choral Concert in June. However, they’re not out of the woods yet, as SOL retakes, world language finals, and math finals take place in June before the 8th Grade Party. 

“Eighth graders? I think they’re ready!” said Assistant Security Officer Arthur Samson, confident that despite the obstacles, Lancers can conquer any challenge that comes their way.