Are Crumbl Cookies Overrated?


Whether it’s a warm box of cookies or the friendly workers greeting you, Crumbl Cookies has been a fan favorite for the past few years. Crumbl exploded into a popular cookie business that started in Logan, Utah, and erupted into a huge chain company. 

The company has a different way of marketing than other shops. Crumbl rotates its six flavors each week rather than having a standard selection. The only exception is the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie, which is permanently on the menu. The Pink Sugar Cookie is also a semi-regular option,  but there are some instances where it rotates out. The nice thing about this system is that you can constantly try new flavors.

“The rotating flavors make me like it more because I like a variety of things,” 7th grader Laila J. said.  

Social media has played a huge role in Crumbl’s popularity. A recent mystery cookie has been all the crave recently, with different flavors at each location. You can check on the Crumbl mystery cookie map on the app or online to see which location has which cookie. 

 One controversy among students at Longfellow is that Crumbl has a 50-cookie minimum for mini cookies. Are they just trying to profit from the large number, or does Crumbl think that customers like it? A lot of people don’t want to have big cookies but still want to enjoy the flavors of the week.

“I have had Crumbl, and it is delicious. I am a Crumbl mega-fan,” said Assistant Principal Aidan Vigil. 

But not all people love Crumbl as much as others. 

“Crumbl is definitely both-overrated and overpriced. The cookies are too much, and I feel like they’re big, but you can’t finish them in one sitting, which is what I like to do,” said student Abby O. 

To add on to that, TikToker @milktpapi wrote, “$30 for 6 of the most ATROCIOUS cookies I’ve ever had in my life.”  Many other TikTokers agreed with him.

Abby also says that the rotating flavors are not a selling point because she likes to stick with the same cookie. In fact, most people do have a favorite. 

“Kentucky Buttercream and Pop Tart are the two best flavors at Crumbl by far,” said Vigil. 

Laila’s favorite flavor is Chilled Sugar, while Abbey’s is Dark Dream. 

If you have been to one of the Crumbl locations across North America, you might’ve heard that Crumbl recently just opened its first store in Canada. This is a huge step for Crumbl as the company is only 6 years old.