Thanksgiving Show Down: Apples vs Pumpkins

Fall brings many delicious treats, like a crisp apple pie with a nice cinnamon coating or a classic pumpkin pie with whipped cream. People love gooey caramel apples that sometimes have a nice chocolate coating and sprinkles, or how about a seasonal pumpkin spice latte topped with cinnamon?

As apples and pumpkins are seasonal favorites, some people wonder, which is best? Is a nice crisp apple pie better than the classic pumpkin pie? 

Some prefer pumpkin treats, claiming apples are available year-round. According to, “while apples are grown year-round, they are in peak season in the fall and early winter.”  This accounts for their abundance in the run-up to Thanksgiving.

“Apple pie gets so boring,” said 8th grader Leah R., “because you have it on the Fourth of July and Christmas, but then pumpkin treats are seasonal, and you savor it because you don’t get it that often.”

Other students argue that availability is actually the reason why they prefer apples to pumpkins.  

“I personally like apple pie a lot because it doesn’t just go with fall,” 8th grader Hanna S. said. “It goes with Christmas and Fourth of July, just everything. So all my memories associate with the taste and it just makes me happy with the memories.” 

Many preferences just have to do with flavor.

“Honestly one of my favorite desserts is apple crisp which I think is very overlooked. I mean, the gooey apples and caramelized brown sugar is just so good and perfect,” said Samhita S.

While Hannah S. state, “I really don’t like the taste of pumpkin pie, I just think it’s too nutty for me, it’s not sweet enough. ” 

The taste of the treats isn’t the only thing that might affect students’ decisions. Some students say that family traditions affect them.

My family goes apple picking every year to find the perfect apples in order to make a delicious apple pie or apple crisp, ” Hanna explained.

There are many factors that affect people’s perspectives of food, the taste might be the fundamental thing when determining which is better, but then fun memories and traditions also have an impact. 

The answer to if apple treats are better than pumpkin would completely depend on the person, but overall more people seem to enjoy apple treats.