December Brings Variety of Holiday Cheer


Photo by Ellie P.

Ellie’s Christmas tree decorated for the holiday.

During the month of December, students at LMS showed their spirit for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more by wearing Santa hats, reindeer antlers, ugly sweaters, pajama pants, and lots more.

Apart from showing spirit, students have different ways of celebrating their holidays and religions.

“I go to my granny’s house,” explained seventh grader Caroline S., who celebrates her holidays with her family traveling to Georgia. 

Eighth grader Morgan W. also travels to Florida with his family on occasion.  His favorite parts of the holiday include “the presents, being with family, and the Christmas tree.”  

December isn’t only about Christmas; several other holidays are celebrated during the month. 

For Hannukkah, seventh grader Ari B. goes to the Dominican Republic. Like other students, he likes receiving presents at the holidays.

Part of the fun for some is dressing to show excitement for the holidays.

“I have these really cute Hanukkah pajama pants with the menorah and candles,” said seventh grader Eva S., who wore her pajamas proudly on pajama day before the break.   Eva is one of the students who doesn’t like Hanukkah just for the presents; she likes it for the tradition and time spent with her extended family.