How early is too early to begin holiday cheer?

With the holiday season approaching, the debate about decorating for Christmas is resurfacing again, earlier than ever.

“I see Christmas decorations in stores usually around October, but I’ve noticed some in the stores recently,” stated civics teacher Carl Aldrich early in October. 

One reason for the early arrival of Christmas in stores is to make it possible for people to decorate their homes a little early, though usually not in September or October.  

The Christmas season is known for boosting happiness, and it has also been shown to improve mental health. In fact, it might explain why decorations may be appearing earlier this year than in years before. With political worries and pandemic stress, Christmas cheer is sorely needed.  

According to an article on, an insurance industry publication, decorating can help people struggling with hard times.  

“Christmas activities like decorating the house or the tree are jovial (and often shared) experiences that provide a temporary break from the reality of what’s happening in the world right now,” the article stated, quoting their consulting psychologist Dr. Elena Touroni. They also noted that decorating your home for Christmas early might “create that neurological shift that can produce happiness. Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone.”

This thinking could backfire, however. According to The Conversation, a nonprofit news organization, if you start celebrating Christmas in November or October, all the Christmas cheer will run out before it’s even started. The article, entitled “The Neuroscience of the Christmas Cheer’ Emotion,” suggests that preparing for Christmas two to three months early is destined to become tiring before December 25th has even arrived. 

“[Decorating] before the month of November is too early,” said student Lily D. “If you do it before, you’re just pushing it.” 

Decorating the day after Thanksgiving, like Mr. Aldrich and his family, is a common answer to this dilemma. 

“It brings happiness in our family to decorate together,” said Aldrich.  

Families are often together at Thanksgiving, making this an ideal time.

In addition to mental health benefits, scheduling may make it easier to decorate early for Christmas. Also, according to, Christmastime tends to get busy with having to buy gifts and make time to spend with loved ones, so it gets pretty hectic. Decorating earlier gives you time to prepare and keep the tradition intact. 

“If you want to decorate early, then it’s your choice,” said 8th-grade student Evie Klett. While this may be your logic, student Hunter Burns stated that people judge you if you decorate too early.

For many, Christmas is the highlight of the year, so we shouldn’t waste it arguing with others about the right time to decorate. Christmas is about family, tradition, and spending time with loved ones, and we shouldn’t let an argument ruin the holiday cheer.

“I love decorating for Christmas,” said Lily, “it’s my favorite thing to do.”