Students Give Thumbs Up

Fairfax County Public Schools have decided to fund a great new opportunity for students struggling with school work, a free online tutoring program. Many students have homework after school or assignments they have not finish. This tutoring program is perfect for that or if you want extra help to exercise your brain! The online program has unlimited access throughout the day for support in any school work K-12. is an online education platform that works with universities, colleges, and schools. The website’s reviews state that the tutors are kind, patient, and helpful.

After a one-on-one session between the tutor and student, the student should have a full understanding of what the problem was asking, how to solve the problem, and how to do future questions in that subject. Tutoring helps students boost confidence, build important learning skills, and achieve academic challenges. If there is still more help you need with an assignment you can easily schedule a session for a later time.

“My experience was positive,” said student Anah P. who used for a math question. “I loaded a screenshot of the problem I was working on and the tutor walked me through how to solve it. There was an option to go on with voice, but I chose to talk over chat. The tutor had a digital drawing program to illustrate what to do,” Anah explained.

The program is a learning base for students to get help with school work in subjects K-12 at no cost to the families or students. You can schedule an appointment any day or time of the week. The sessions can last however long you need them to, and did I mention it’s completely free?

The tutors are focused on growing students knowledge in any subject, but more specifically, literature, math, and science. The tutors do not work for FCPS.

The sessions are completely safe with tight security regulations, but they are recorded at all times. The tutors are there to give encouraging support and listen to the students learning process. They will work with the student to teach them how to solve and fully understand the question being asked.

“I would recommend it based on my experience,” Anah said. “It was very convenient for me because it didn’t take too long to get matched with a tutor.”

If you are more comfortable speaking a different language other than English, you can switch the languages to Spanish or Vietnamese.

Accessing the tutor session is easy. You simply go to Schoology, click on the course you need help with and on the left side of your screen, you will see a panel that says “” click on that and it will open a new window that will direct you to the website.

Then answer the few questions being asked. Once you have, click “Connect now.”

The student services department has high hopes for the software, because it provides help to those who don’t necessarily have the means to hire a tutor, and makes help available when you need it.