Students Compare Lunch Locations


Photo by Andrea Duggan

The Cafeteria was one of several lunch locations to choose from this year.

For most of the year, students had three options when it came to where they wanted to eat during lunch—the lecture hall, cafeteria, and outside by the kiss and ride line. We talked with students to find out which was the best and most popular choice.

When deciding to sit inside or outside, there is always one constant factor that all students share, the weather. Obviously, if it is cold outside, students want to be warm, so they would go inside. But on a nice 70 to 80-degree day, they want to be outside enjoying the nice weather and taking a break from the indoors.

With the addition of benches outdoors, eating outside is now more appealing for students who do not want to sit on a curb.

The main problem when sitting outdoors is trash. The trash can blow away with the wind, and it is never much fun to chase after it. Whether it is a plastic bag, napkin, or food wrapper, you still need to pick it up and throw it away.

After school specialist,  Riley Barrows, who also helps supervise lunch shifts spent most of the winter stationed in the lecture hall.  He said he likes the cafeteria as opposed to the lecture hall on a rainy day. 

“I just feel like that’s where everyone is supposed to eat,” he said. But if possible, he would rather sit outside rather than inside, “any day of the week.”

Assistant Principal Dale Eaton has been stationed both in the lecture hall and the cafeteria but prefers the latter. He said everything is easier for him in the cafeteria, and he enjoys having the PA system.

One challenging part about sitting in the cafeteria, especially when it is the only location open, is finding room to sit with your friends.

“Kids couldn’t come in a group of eight and find eight open seats sitting there,” said Eaton, “it was time to make a new friend.”

Not being able to sit with friends was a big reason students prefer having multiple locations to choose from. They want to be with their friends.

Though students generally enjoy lunch as a time to take a break from class and lectures, some feel overwhelmed in the cafeteria or simply need a change of scenery. Sitting in the right spot with the right people can change the whole experience for the better. That’s why students appreciate all the lunch spots the administrators have provided for them this year and hope they will continue to have choices next year as well.