Vacations, Camp, and Summer Activities

June 10th, 2022—the day students have been waiting for. When the bells ring, students are finally free to begin their summer break. So we decided that it would be interesting and fun to learn about what other people are doing this summer.

Many Longfellow students are looking forward to traveling. Some are staying close to home while others are traveling to different continents.

“This summer, I’m going to Arizona in August, then Spain with my family,”  said Laura M.     

Louisa C. is traveling around the country like many other students. “I’m going to a lot of places this summer, actually. Minnesota, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland,” she listed.

Not only are Lancers going on family vacations, but many students are also going to summer camp, like Emma W. “I’m going to sleepaway camp, and I’m really excited,” she shared. “I’ve been going every year since I was like 8 or 9, and I really love it.”

Eva H. is also going to camp this summer, “I’m going to a gymnastics camp in Pennsylvania, and I’m excited because my entire team is going with me.”

One not so fun but useful thing some students may do this summer is academic courses or classes to prepare them for the next school year. Brynn is one of these students., “I’m taking summer geometry, so I can do high-level math next year,” she said.

Even if they don’t have classes, students like Mackenzie T. are hitting the books., “I will be doing workbook exercises and stuff for math,” said Mackenzie.

Both are very helpful ways to stay on top of your schoolwork to be more confident with your academics going into high school.

Then there are those that are just looking forward to not doing anything. ,

“I’m just gonna relax this summer,”  said Erin C.,

We also asked what students’ favorite activities were, and there was a common consensus, swimming and hanging out with friends. The pool is a fun way to cool off and spend time with friends, as it’s not something that can be done year-round, making it extra special. Ziya B, a member of the Kent Gardens Recreation Club diving team, said, “My favorite thing is to go to the pool.”

Gennie F. told us that her favorite summer activities were, “Probably hang out with my friends and go to the pool because it’s fun.”

Jessica L. told us that her favorite thing to do is “Probably swimming or going to the beach because it’s a time for me to relax.” Like many other students, Jessica is excited for the warmth of summer and seeing her family.

Some students prefer to relax, while others prefer to be busy. Riley shared the opinion of many students saying,  “It depends because if I’m sitting at home for too long, then I want to be busy, but if I’m too busy, I want to be relaxed.”

Lastly, we asked students to share more information about their summers.

“I’m going to continue training with my guide dog and just hanging out with friends over the summer,” Emma D. said.

“My French family, my aunt and cousin and uncle, are coming, and I’m probably going to North Carolina,” shared Sophie H. “And also my lake house in South Virginia, Lake Gaston.”

In conclusion, Lancers are eager to start their summers!  While every moment may not be great, there will be plenty of good times with friends and family. Sleeping in, traveling, and hanging out with friends at the pool all provide a nice break from a stressful school year.

“I’m just really excited to have a good summer,” said Maddie S., and so are we.