Shoe Game Strong in Halls of Longfellow

At Longfellow, you could look left or right and easily spot a pair of high-end shoes. From Jordans to Yeezys to white Air Force Ones and Air Maxes, all are represented. Whatever the reason, people are always flocking to get the new pair off the shelves.

The most popular shoes are Air Jordan 1’s, produced by Nike.  These shoes can be very expensive, which is a frequent topic of debate between shoe collectors and analyzers. Some say it’s due to the materials; others say it’s because of Michael Jordan’s legacy, which they represent. Either way, they are iconic shoes and always will be.

Many questions arise over these shoes regarding which is more comfortable, stylish, or which is priced better. According to, Nike has a bigger global revenue than Adidas and Puma combined.

“I like Yeezys a lot by Kanye West, just because they’re very comfortable,” said 7th grader Malek E. who was sporting his Yeezys when we spoke.

Yeezys are among the more popular shoes because they are bright and comfortable, and of course, the fact they are produced by Kanye. Yeezy is very successful, as, according to Bloomberg, they made a whopping 1.7 billion in sales in 2020.

Of course, some shoes are more about collecting than waring, like the Nike Mag Back to the Futures. “I would probably be willing to buy them for reselling purposes, not to wear on my feet, though,” said Malek.

This is a big hobby of lots of shoe collectors. These “sneakerheads” buy singular or a stock of popular or upcoming shoes and sell them again to make a profit. These resellers sell through online selling apps, at stores, or to friends.

Another reason for buying these shoes is simply the fact that they look cool and fashionable. The style of the Nike Air Max 97 will always remain a classic. That was Ahmed E.s reason for buying his black and white Air Max 97s. The featured air max technology containing a pressurized gas implanted into the sole of the shoe provides a better sense of cushioning than a normal athletic shoe. The striped design brings a nice different style other than the Nike swoosh on the side.

Sneakerheads often debate why some shoes and brands are more expensive or popular. While the construction and science behind the shoes can be a factor, it is often more about status. For example, the Chicago 1’s are about $2,000 right now because, as with the Air Jordan’s, they represent Michael Jordan’s legacy. These, along with the Jordan 1 Breds, are the type of shoe that MJ wore during his career, according to The Cold Wire. MJ is one of the most well-known basketball players, so you can understand what makes Jordans so special.

These shoes provide a sense of style and comfort, making them a very sought-after item. It’s no question that they are a very popular stock and don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon.