FIFA is parting ways with Electronic Arts after over 30 years of collaborations


FIFA and Electronic Arts (EA) have been making the well-known video game known as FIFA for over 25 years.  The game is updated annually, but EA has officially announced that FIFA 23 will be the last collaboration for the duo.

FictionHorizon, an online pop culture magazine, has called EA’s FIFA the world’s most popular sports video game. As of December 2021, they reported over  9 million players. One of those players is 8th grader Kanta M., who is unhappy about the split.

“I don’t really like PES as much as FIFA,” said Kanta of the main EA/FIFA competition.

The reason for the split is actually very simple and happens a lot in collaboration video games. The contract was written in FIFAs favor, and EA was upset with it. When it was time to renew, they could not agree on revisions, so they parted ways.

EA will be making a new soccer game called EA FC and will be partnering with many big leagues like LaLiga, the Premier League, and UEFA. This game will give players access to over 19,000 athletes across 700 teams, in 100 stadiums and over 30 leagues around the world, according to Wired.

Meanwhile, FIFA will still be making their game; it just will not look the same because they won’t be with EA. Kanta expects they will collaborate with other game creators like 2K, who are well-liked for their basketball, golf, and wrestling games.

“I will probably still play the FIFA game, even if they aren’t collaborating with EA,” said Kanta. “It is more original, and it is very well established.” He believes that EA FC will not be as popular and will regret its decision to part ways with FIFA.

CAPTION – FIFA and EA are splitting up, and EA is making a new song called EA FC, while FIFA is unknown on who they will collaborate with next.