Y2K Styles Loosen Skinny Jeans Hold in Favor of Flare

Of all the 2022 fashion trends, one of the most standout crazes has been jeans. Trends are going backward and spiraling into the 2000s once again, flushing the 2010s skinny jeans look down the drain. 

Gen Z specifically, has gone nuts over the y2k jeans look, focusing on flare, baggy, and low rise. As social media has impacted these looks, celebrities have also had a big influence by putting on their own twist like rips, sequins, and embroidery. Famous artists like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez are looked up to as stylish icons since they have been seen sporting these old fashion trends.

What’s with the recent downfall of skinny jeans? A style of denim pants from the 2010s, skinny jeans are tight-fitting and lack room to breathe. One of the most common complaints, at least about the high-waisted variety,  is the body image it gives people. Thin denim that clings to your skin so tight that it sucks your stomach in. They accentuate your curves, sure, but they also make flaws and folds painfully obvious. 

The fight between skinny jeans and the comeback of older styles has been ongoing for a few years now. Ella H.is a Longfellow student known for her 90s and 2000s fashion sense.

“They’re really uncomfortable, I don’t like the way they are tight on your legs. I like baggy jeans because they give you more room and you feel more free,” she told us confidently. 

“I just don’t like them, they’re awkward,” added Longfellow student Annie G.

Anyone who follows fashion remembers the time when skinny jeans were the biggest hit in the fashion world but the newer generations have taken a liking to these older styles of clothing instead. 

In the end, the debate about which style of jeans is best is constantly ongoing. Especially with the ever-changing trends and fads of the modern-day fashion world.