Haley Set to Carry On Miller’s Legacy


Photo by Andrea Duggan

Ms. Haley (right) will do her best to pay homage to her mentor and friend Ms. Miller (left) after Miller’s retirement this year.

By Vicky P, Fiona M, Clara M, and Sandi S.

Kayne Miller is not only a Civics teacher, but also a friend and a parental figure. Throughout her years of teaching, students and teachers alike have thought of Ms. Miller in this way. After 25 years of teaching at Longfellow, Ms. Miller will be retiring at the end of this year. 

“I’ll miss knowing Kayne was here when she retires. I love her so much. She is such a support that I owe much gratitude to.  She has made me a better teacher and a better person,” said one of Ms. Miller’s closest friends, Stephanie Haley, a seventh grade History teacher. Before teaching at LMS, both Ms. Haley and Ms. Miller taught at Herndon Middle School. 

“A colleague of mine at HMS, Christine Pryplesh, said of a project I made: you remind me of a teacher who was here years ago; she was creative and fun like you. Her name is Kayne Miller,” Haley had stated thoughtfully. “I had no idea how amazing Kayne Miller was and what a compliment I’d received!”

Ms. Miller cares about her students and that they are prepared for life after her class. Every year there are always two lessons she tries to teach everyone in her class. “1- How to study (using four mark-up rules), and 2- How to answer a question, present a slideshow, or write an essay (Argument, Evidence, and Commentary. Every argument must have credible evidence to support it).”

Ms. Miller has impacted the people around her in a positive way. “She introduced me to Model United Nations, a club we sponsored, and then I sponsored for many years here.  She’s given me constructive criticism, which though I likely bristled at the time accepting it, has become a guiding force as I teach,” Ms. Haley said.

When asked about what she will miss when she retires, Ms. Miller said, “I will miss the chance to meet new kids every year.  I have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most remarkable people.  Many of them check in periodically to share what they are up to, have grown up to study and do, and I have to tell you, I can’t believe some of the things they are doing.  I am so impressed hearing the paths they have chosen, the chances they took, and the joyful successes they are living.”

Ms. Miller finished with, “I get to take those things with me into retirement.”