Halloween Costumes Reflect Inner Heroes and Demons


All over the school, students and staff donned their alter egos for some Halloween Spirit Day fun.

Halloween made a huge comeback this year after the events of COVID-19. We saw so many amazing costumes here at Longfellow and all over Mclean and Falls Church. 


Considering all the new superhero movies that came out this year, it’s no surprise that superheroes were a favorite costume. Spiderman was probably the most popular superhero costume this year, but some current film stars also made appearances.

Those looking for a more mischievous approach to Halloween this year looked to Loki for inspiration. Loki has many options to choose from: classic Loki, Sylvie, or even alligator Loki.  WandaVision inspired some to ditch the traditional witch costume and change it up to a Scarlet Witch. We saw so many different decades of Wanda!

Scary costumes:

Some people like to keep Halloween costumes scary. Ghostface

was a scary yet easy costume this year. The costume consisted of a black cloak and a classic Ghostface mask. A few werewolves were seen around, but overall this is an underrated costume this year. It’s fun to wear, everyone knows what it is, and if this year was any indicator, werewolves will stand out in a crowd. Zombies, of course, are a classic, though they seem to be dwindling in numbers. Our prize for scariest goes to one scary clown who really gave people the shivers as she walked the hallways. 

Group costumes:

It’s always fun to dress up with friends, whether just one friend or a whole group. This year, at least a few members of the Scooby Doo Gang could be seen in the halls of Longfellow. The office and counseling staff dressed as Care Bears and a few M&Ms were glimpsed in the crowd. And, of course, the perfect group costume for a mischievous duo, Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess’s Cat in the Hat.


There were so many other amazing costumes we saw on costume day. A few inflatables took up extra space in the halls, most notably the Inflatable T-Rex, which never gets old. Anime, Manga, and Video Games were popular this year, with characters from Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Undertale all represented. In addition, there were book characters like Sherlock Holmes and classics like pirates, ninjas, witches, and fortune-tellers. They also ranged from complicated, like one excellent Ringmaster, to simple, like a colorful crayon. 

Teachers got in on the fun as well and had their costume contest. Journalism teacher Andrea Duggan won best individual costume with her scary scarecrow, history teacher Jim Bermudez won spookiest with a pirate of the Caribbean. Best group costume went to Student Services for their Care Bears, and English teachers Leslie Nightingale and Nicole Scifo won most creative for dressing up as Jim and Pam from the tv show “The Office,” complete with Pam’s desk. 

No matter what you dressed up as this year, whether a ghost, a superhero, or anything else, we hope you had a great Halloween!