Graphics Cards Still Going at a Premium After COVID-19 Disrupted Supply


Image by Cristian Ibarra from Pixabay

Covid’s disruption of manufacturing in China caused a shortage of graphics cards around the world.

COVID-19 and the ensuing quarantines have hit nearly every part of the world economy, even those you might think immune, like the computer industry. The ins and outs of supply and demand caused a major shortage of graphics cards in the computer industry.
The price of an average graphics card went from three hundred dollars to over eight hundred dollars. The main reason for this is that when the COVID-19 outbreak happened in China, they shut down a lot of factories until it was safe to re-open. Without China’s manufacturing, computer chips were in high demand.
This shortage of chips had a big impact on a lot of industries, for example, cars, computers, and phones. The reason for this is that anything that has a motherboard and needs to display something has one of these chips in them. So the console on your car dashboard has this chip in it, and so do graphics cards.
When people realized that there was going to be a shortage of graphics cards, they decided to buy every single one they could and then sell them. So when Nvidia and AMD ran out of graphics cards to sell, the resale market exploded with graphics cards. The main reason that people were buying the cards was that during the pandemic, lots of people wanted to build their own gaming computer and to have a working computer, you would need a graphics card.
That made the prices of even the older graphics cards go up.
“Graphics cards are VERY expensive,” says Mr.Kellams-Berger.

All of this happened right as Nvidia was going to launch their new 3000 series. So the only way that you got a next-generation card was to pay an absurd amount of money. That was in early 2020, and now in 2021, there is still a shortage, but they had a second release, and some more people were able to get them. It is still very difficult to get one for the retail price, but it is possible with a little luck on your side.

In conclusion, The best thing to do right now if you want to build a gaming pc is probably to wait for a little so that hopefully the prices drop, or you can try and save up enough to get a good graphics card. Hopefully, the shortage is almost over, but it all depends on COVID-19 and how fast the factories in China can get them out.