Vaccines Slowly Rolling Out to Public

At long last, after nearly a year away from school, the Coronavirus vaccine is slowly making its way to the public.

According to both CNN and NBC News, caregivers and citizens over 65 have been receiving the first doses. The next groups in line are law enforcement, fire fighters, and teachers and staff at area schools.

On January 14, Fairfax County teachers finally had the opportunity to schedule their vaccines. As schools contemplate bringing students back to the classroom, it is especially important for them to get vaccinated, since according to CNN children under the age of 16 might not be able to get the vaccine as quickly due to the fact that some vaccine companies have not tested the vaccine with kids under the age of 16.

So far, there are two vaccines the US has been offering, Pfizer’s vaccine and Moderna’s vaccine, with others potentially in the pipeline. All indications are that the FDA approved vaccinations are safe, with minor numbers of allergic reactions reported. It depends on what vaccine you are taking if you are taking a vaccine that the FDA approves, it is most likely the vaccine or antibody is safe.

Some states are making vaccination centers out of community centers but mostly in local clinics, if not then in hospitals.

The vaccines’ price tags range around $15-$30, but there is a push to provide some free of charge for people who cannot afford it.