Suarez Leaves Barcelona for Atletico

Barcelona fans were disappointed this summer when Luis Suarez, the best striker in the last decade, according to an article by Kartiky Choudhary, in “Read Everything,” a European sports publication, was sold to Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona let him go after coronavirus closures cost them over 300 million Euros. The team is now on the verge of bankruptcy and has let go of some of their highest-paid players. Suarez was not the only player to move on; Barcelona also sold Rakitic, Vidal, and Semedo. Despite these trades, FC Barcelona is still struggling financially, according to the Financial Times.

After losing Griezmann last season, Atletico is hoping the addition of Suarez will make them more competitive with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this season.

To get a sense of how big the news is internationally, Ms. Hashem asked her class to weigh in on the effects of Suarez’s move. Three students teamed up to craft a response, Elvis Q.S. from Panama, Samir M.Z. from Chad, and Ahmad A.S. from Algeria.

Q: How did you react to Suarez’s move to Atletico from Barcelona?
A: We reacted to the exit of Suarez like OMG, no more Messi and Suarez, and now we feel bad because they are friends!

Q. Atletico has said that Suarez can help them be more competitive against Barcelona, what do you think?
A: Yes, Atletico has a reason for that because right now, Barcelona has destroyed Messi. He now plays alone. Atletico bought Suarez, Messi’s best friend.

Q: What concerns do you have now for Barcelona?
A: Our concern for Barcelona is for Messi. We feel bad for him because he is a really good player; he is one of the best players in the world, and right now, Barcelona doesn’t have a good team. That’s our concern.

Q: Describe Barcelona’s performance with their new roster.
A: We describe Barcelona in evolution like they are trying to buy a lot of young players and making a young template, but with Messi in.

Q: How do you feel Suarez is fitting in with Atletico?
A: We think he is doing well. He makes a lot of goals in Atletico, and he plays all the games. I think he is fitting well.

Before Suarez joined Barcelona, he played for Liverpool. He had seven successful years at Barcelona where he met the GOAT, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr. Suarez is fitting in at Atletico Madrid very nicely.