Covid’s Effect on Professional Sports

As most sports fans know, COVID-19 has had major effects in the sports world. Professional sports leagues are especially taking a large hit, and COVID-19 has really caused turbulence in pro sports.

In July, according to ESPN, the NFL started socially distant training camps, but a lot has changed even in that short time. Multiple teams have had many players test positive for COVID-19, causing them to have to miss games. In some cases, teams even had to shut down facilities.

Things have gotten better since the summer, but past coronavirus cases, and some current ones, have put a dent in teams and the league. Some players are even clearly showing the effects of the virus in their gameplay, even after being cleared of COVID-19 a long time ago.

But on the other hand, leagues like the NBA have come up with different and effective approaches to deal with COVID-19. The NBA’s unique “Bubble” approach worked to perfection as after around 170 games played, there was not a single positive COVID-19 test, according to ESPN. Sports fans around the globe are praising NBA commissioner Adam Silver for this amazing approach to deal with this virus.

But even with this success, the NBA saw one of their biggest declines in viewership in a long time; they were 48% down in viewership from last year, according to ESPN.

Long story short, COVID-19 has deeply affected many sports around the world and has made it very difficult for sports fans over the last few months.