New Orleans Saints v. Kansas City Chiefs

February 3, 2021

The twelve and one Chiefs battle against the ten and three Saints at The Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints are at a natural disadvantage as their starting quarterback, Drew Brees, had a rib injury for the first in four games.

The Chiefs start with the ball, receiving the kickoff. They manage 5 plays for a total of 18 yards before punting the ball to the Saints. The Saints have a short 0:51 drive before punting right back to the Chiefs.

The Chiefs attempt a deep pass, and are unsuccessful giving the Saints the ball off a punt to set up the fourth drive of the game which is by the Saints. Later, on third and five for the Saints, Drew Brees throws an interception, caught by defender L’Jarius Sneed.

When the Chiefs offense steps out, QB Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs is able to find his receivers and tight ends multiple times. Later, Mahomes is even able to scramble for a first down, which gets them inside the ten. A pass to Tyreek Hill is able to seal the drive with 7 points as the Chiefs pull ahead of the Saints with a touchdown.

Drew Brees is struggling with his injury, and throws a key incomplete pass which forces the Saints to unfortunately punt the ball back to Kansas City. After a short pass for a first down, the Chiefs quarterback is sacked. A couple of short passes and some yards after catch brings the Chiefs close to the end zone, and a short pass to TE Travis Kelce starts the second quarter with a touchdown for the Chiefs.

The Saints are once again unsuccessful and punt, but after a three and out by the Chiefs, the Saints get the ball rolling. Brees is able to get a deep pass to Emmanuel Sanders for 51 yards, and just a few plays later get the ball into the end zone for a one yard running touchdown by utility player Taysom Hill. There are four more drives before the half, not one of them getting 30 yards or more, however the Saints are able to get a fumble in the end zone resulting in a safety. When the players head into the locker room, the scoreboard shows a one score game of 14-9 with the Chiefs on top.

Saints get the ball first in the second half, and are able score a touchdown with a couple of deep passes, and some penalties to back them up. This touchdown is successful, but the two point attempt after isn’t.

With a one point trail, the Chiefs want to make sure to stay on top. The Chiefs drive down the field, and are able to get into the red zone, ending with a five yard TD pass to WR Mecole Hardman, with the PAT being good. Saints punt twice, and the Chiefs have to punt once with about five minutes off the clock.

When the Chiefs get their turn at a drive again, they use short passes and runs to move the ball down, and the clock winds down to end the third quarter. Coming back in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs scored in four downs with a TD run from Le’Veon Bell that extended 12 yards. The Saints punt, and the Chiefs choke giving away a fumble to the Saints.

From this turnover the Saints get a quick touchdown from Brees, who is doing surprisingly well for his injury, to Alvin Kamara. The score is 29-22, and a ten play Chiefs drive ends in a field goal, which helps extend their league to 32-22, which is still a fair two score lead.

The persistent Saints score again with a touchdown, bringing the score to a close 32-29. The Chiefs finish out the game by running the ball and draining the clock. Game regulation ends with the Chiefs on top 32-29 leading them to a 13-1 record.

This game was close, but the Chiefs pulled ahead, and were relentless, never giving up the lead for long and drawing out the game. Notable players include Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, and Alvin Kamara.

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