Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

February 3, 2021

This was a thrilling rematch between two great teams, the Ravens and the Titans. The last time they played each other, the 6 seed Titans crushed the 1 seed Ravens to move on to the AFC Championship.

The Ravens are looking for revenge and also playoff hopes. They are led by Lamar Jackson and their dominant running game. The Ravens start out with the ball, but they just go three and out, and the Titans start off their first drive on their own 21. Immediately there is a pass interference on the defense, allowing the Titans offense to go down 39 yards. A couple other smaller plays set up a touchdown from QB Ryan Tannehill to TE Jonnu Smith. The Ravens responded with an easy 30 yard field goal, so now the score is 7-3.

During the next Titans drive, the quarter ends because the Ravens previous drive was so long. On the fifth play of the Titans drive though, Tannehill throws his first pick of the game, which was intended for Jonnu Smith. The Ravens take over with great field position, but they can’t get a touchdown and only settle for a field goal. Titans start to fall as they go three and out and punt, letting the Ravens start their drive at their 40 yard line. Later in the drive, the Ravens get to the seven yard line. Jackson passes to the fullback Patrick Ricard and it looks like a touchdown, but it is overturned. They are then at the 2 yard line, and rookie RB JK Dobbins runs it in for a touchdown. They go for two and get it, taking the lead and making the score 14-7.

The Titans answer back with a field goal right before the half, set up by some small plays and a 21 yard Tannehill rush. The 40 yard field goal is good, so the score becomes 14-10, and the Ravens just send it off the half.

The Titans get the ball to start the second half, but they start it the same way the Ravens started the first half, on a three and out. Once they punt, Ravens get right back to business, they score a touchdown in seven plays. It was finished off by a big 31-yard pass touchdown to TE Mark Andrews, and the Ravens tack on to their lead.

The Titans strike back, but with only a field goal, which is forty yards like the first one. The next drive, Lamar Jackson throws an interception, and the Titans get the ball back, but at bad field position as they are at their own fifteen. They go all the way down the field and finish off with their third field goal of the game, this time for only 22 yards.

A punt is next by Baltimore, so the Titans are only down by five with a little more than seven and a half minutes left. They are at their own ten, so terrible field position, but they still are hard at work. On the second play of the drive, Tannehill gets another helpful run as this one is for twelve yards and a first down. A few plays later, Tannehill throws to WR Corey Davis who was open, and Davis is able to get 22 yards. Two plays later, Tannehill goes to his top receiver AJ Brown for 25 yards as the Titans continue to barrel down the field. On second and two though, Tannehill FUMBLES, but he gets it back and is sacked, so the Ravens defense is able to force third and ten. On third and ten, the Titans are on the Ravens 14, and Tannehill goes back to AJ Brown for the touchdown! He threw short to Brown, and Brown just shook off multiple defenders for the score. They take the lead and make the score 22-21.

Now they go for two. Tannehill fakes it to Derrick Henry, allowing a wide open hole to open up on the right, and he scored the two pointer! That makes the score 24-21, but the game isn’t over yet. The Ravens get the ball back with over two minutes left, so they try to score. They are able to get a 27 yard field goal attempt, which they make, sending the game to overtime with the score 24-24.

The Ravens get the ball first, but they do nothing as they can’t get past their own 27. They punt, and the Titans are ready to win. Now because the Ravens had a chance to score and didn’t, the Titans win with a field goal or touchdown.

The first play of their drive is a 14 yard pass to Davis. The second is just a short run by Derrick Henry for 4 yards, then Tannehill goes back to Corey Davis, this time for 11 yards. Henry runs for 4 yards again next, then Tannehill gets another 11 yard completion, this time to Brown, and then, on the sixth play of the drive, the Titans run it. They are on the Baltimore 29, and the snap goes to the left. There are lots of defenders, but there are blockers as well. Henry gets past a whole pile of people and he continues running until he is basically all by himself and he scores the game winner! The score ends as 30-24 Titans, and the Ravens aren’t able to redeem themselves…yet!

The Ravens go to 6-4 and the Titans to 7-3. Notable players include Derrick Henry, Mark Andrews, Corey Davis, JK Dobbins, Ryan Tannehill, and AJ Brown.

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