NFL Season Recap Part 2

Game Highlights From Weeks 10-15

February 3, 2021

This is our second article on previous football games in the 2020-2021 season, which is much bigger than the first. This article aims at recapping the best games from Weeks 10-15 that you may have missed. Use the menu above entitled “Game by Game” and pick any game you want.  

If you read all of these games, congrats on you! We hope you enjoy the article because a lot of time and research went into it. If you don’t, that’s fine as well, as we just hope you get something out of it. Have a good one, stay safe and happy, and don’t forget to keep up on your favorite teams!  

Enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend!

Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles

It is the upsetting Eagles’ face-off against the slipping Cardinals in Arizona. The Eagles have just come off a big win against New Orleans and the Cardinals have lost 3 of their last 4 games. Rookie QB Jalen Hurts is replacing the failing Carson Wentz for the second time this season. The Cardinals get the ball first, but their drive ends in star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins fumbling. He found out he was wearing the wrong size gloves, and that may be the reason since later he had a spectacular game.

The Eagles were at their own ten when the Cardinals defense were able to capitalize on position and make a great play when they forced Hurts to throw it away. It was Intentional Grounding, and since Hurts was in the end zone during the penalty, it was a safety.

Later, the Cardinals got the ball back after a punt by both teams. An Unnecessary Roughness and a big 42-yard-pass to TE Maxx Williams sets up a touchdown. QB Kyler Murray was able to run it in for the score. After the extra point, the score is 9-0 Cardinals.

Eagles misfortune continues as the Cardinals are able to block an Eagles punt. The ball goes out of bounds at the Philadelphia six. Two plays later, Murray throws a short pass to RB Chase Edmonds for another touchdown. This time, the Eagles offense strikes back and in seven plays, they are able to score a TD.

In the drive, WR Alshon Jeffrey gets a big catch for 24 yards to move the chains. Later, on a third and twenty, a screen pass to WR Quez Watkins results in the thirty-two yard touchdown. Eagles are finally able to get some points on the board as now the score is 16-7.

The next play by the Cardinals is a huge 45 yard catch by Hopkins. He had two defenders in his face but was still able to catch the ball! This and some other smaller plays sets up a 40 yard field goal by Mike Nugent, and he makes it 19-7. The Eagles punt again. The next drive for the Cardinals is over almost immediately when Murray fumbles the ball.

The Eagles get great field position and they score a touchdown in five plays. On fourth down and three, Hurts throws to WR Greg Ward for the touchdown. The score is now 19-14. The next Cardinals drive, TE Dan Arnold gets two important plays, a 21-yard catch and a 23-yard catch. On first and goal, Murray fumbles AGAIN, but it is recovered by one of his teammates.

The next play, Murray connects to future Hall of Famer WR Larry Fitzgerald for the 14 yard score. The extra point makes it 26-14 Cards, but that doesn’t stop the Eagles. These two teams keep trading blows back and forth, and with two minutes left in the first half, the Eagles start driving. On first and ten, Hurts throws a deep ball to TE Zach Ertz for 42 yards. Finally on third and goal, Hurts throws it to Greg Ward who gets his second TD of the game. He gets a total of 4 catches for 15 yards and two touchdowns in the game.  After the TD, the Eagles go for two, but they fall short when Miles Sanders can’t get to the end zone.

After the half, Eagles get the ball, but they punt. Both teams punt one more time after that. When the Cardinals get the ball back after Philly’s second punt, Kyler Murray throws an INT, the first of the game. The Eagles capitalize on that turnover and they drive down 80 yards for another touchdown. WR Jalen Reagor gets a nice 23 yard catch on third and 29 to help set up an easier 4th down. The Eagles go for it and Hurts gets 17 yards on the ground to move the chains.

On first and goal, Hurts gets a 7-yard rushing TD. They go for two again, and again don’t get it. The Cardinals can’t strike back as they turn it over on downs the next drive, although they did fake a punt earlier in the drive that worked. Eagles then punt, and then Arizona scores again. Murray goes back to Hopkins for 44 yards during the drive. On third and two, Murray passes to Hopkins for 20 yard and the touchdown. The score becomes 33-26. The Eagles then turn it over on downs.

After the Cardinals punt, the Eagles have one more chance. The drive doesn’t go anywhere, and the game ends with Arizona on top, 33-26. A great game played by both teams, especially Rookie Jalen Hurts in his second career start. He had 4 TD’s and no fumbles or INT’s, and he fell just short of winning two in a row. The Cardinals now go on for a streak of 2 wins, but can they keep it up?

Some notable players from this game include Jalen Hurts, Greg Ward, and DeAndre Hopkins.

Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Jets

The miserable 0-12 Jets look for their first win against the up-and-down Rams. The game starts with the Rams getting the ball first, but they punt after only three plays. The Jets immediately get down to business and score a touchdown in 13 plays.

They are able to drive down to the Rams 18 with small plays and lots of third downs until on third and five, QB Sam Darnold passes a short pass to RB Ty Johnson for the touchdown. Johnson already has converted on three third downs in the game. Rams punt again, and then the Jets do the same when they go three and out after Darnold gets sacked.

The Rams are doing terribly when their third drive again ends in another punt. When they attempt to punt the ball away, it is now blocked! Jets capitalize and get an easy 39-yard field goal. The Jets are already winning 10-0 early in the game.

The Rams offense continues to underperform and QB Jared Goff throws an interception the very next drive. After this, the Rams have two first downs and it’s already the second quarter. The Jets tack on another field goal after the INT, and the Rams have the ball again. For the third time, the Rams go three and out and punt.

The next three drives are punts by both teams, and the score remains 13-0. Rams get one more chance before the quarter ends, and finally they get points up, making it 13-3. After halftime, the Jets get the ball, and they show they are ready to win as they drive down the field and score a touchdown in a total of 11 plays.

Big plays like TE Chris Herndon getting a 22-yard catch and WR Breshad Perriman getting a 21-yard catch, were able to set up future Hall of Famer RB Frank Gore to get the one-yard score on 4th and Goal.

Rams are coming back though. They score a TD on the next drive as well, set up by TE Tyler Higbee getting a big 44 yard catch. Higbee was able to spin move and pass multiple defenders. The drive was finished when WR Robert Woods caught a pass from Goff for 15 yards and a touchdown. The extra point made it 20-10.

The Jets answered back with a 21 yard field goal that was set up by some big plays by WR Jamison Crowder. Sam Ficken is now 3/3 with field goals and 2/2 with extra points. Rams won’t stop though. Their next drive is another TD. Funny thing is when Gore scored, the Jets drove for 72 yards. When they got the short field goal, it was also 72 yards. When Woods scored for the Rams, they drove for 75 yards. This touchdown now was also for 75 yards!

Anyways, on the third play of this drive, Robert Woods rushed for 40 yards to move the chains. The touchdown was to Higbee for three yards, and it made the score 23-17 Jets. The next Jets drive is a punt, and then the Rams offense are back at it again. In 11 plays, they settle for a field goal and make the game very close at 23-20. Jets punt again, and the Rams have a chance.

RB Cam Akers has a big 22 yard run, but it doesn’t stand because Higbee got a penalty. Later, it is third and four. Goff throws it to Akers, but it is incomplete. On 4th and 4, Goff can’t complete the ball and the Jets are in possession! They close out the game and the Jets finally get their first win of the season! This might put their chances of getting the first pick in danger. The Rams get embarrassed at home, and they fall to 9-5.

Some notable players from this game include Jets K Sam Ficken, Tyler Higbee, and Jamison Crowder.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears

These two teams came into the game both with losing records, each being 6-7, and both of them were looking for a chance to improve that with this game.

The Bears start with the ball, and get all the way down to about midfield. However quarterback Mitch Trubisky takes a hard sack forcing the Bears to end their drive with a punt to the Vikings. The Bears retaliate, immediately getting a sack themselves, and holding the Vikings to punt the ball.

RB David Montgomery makes an explosive run landing him inside of the 40-yard line. This sets the Bears up for a sideline throw inside the 10-yard line, and makes it go from a third and three to a first and goal. QB Mitch Trubisky gets a nice touchdown pass for the Bears to WR Darnell Mooney, throwing a complete pass under pressure. This gives the Bears a 7-0 lead over the Vikings.

The Vikings now have the ball. QB Kirk Cousins gets into Bears territory with a pass to the tight end Irv Smith Jr, and is ready to keep driving down the field. RB Dalvin Cook gets a solid run, and allows the Vikings a first down. Cousins throws inside the ten, and the Vikings are hoping to score a touchdown, and tie the game up. On a third and goal, the Vikings successfully passed into the endzone to star wide receiver Adam Thielen who was wide open. After putting six points onto the board, the Vikings earn another point by making the PAT (Point After Touchdown).

The Bears receive the kickoff, and on the first play gain nearly 20 yards on a play action pass. Chicago is able to make several first downs, and moves within field goal range. Cario Santos kicks a 42-yard field goal, and retakes the lead over the Vikings.

The Bear’s defense makes the stop, and ends up with the football in the first few minutes of the second quarter. They continue to get solid 15-yard plays, and next thing you know, they are in the red zone. Third and goal, the Bears hammer it through into the end zone with David Montgomery after Mitch Trubisky scrambles for seven yards. The Bears are looking to have a strong 10-point lead, and the odds are currently leaning in their favor.

The Vikings continue to be inconsistent on offense, and are unable to convert on fourth and short. Todd Davis, the linebacker, blocks a pass, forcing the Bears to settle for a field goal after the strong drive after the turnover. The Minnesota Vikings pick up their offense, and start getting some yards on the board, with a scramble from Cousins, and a several runs by Cook. After all of that, the Vikings are held to a field goal making the score 20-10.

Entering the second half, we see the Vikings driving down the field again, ready to score a second time. The drive ends with a short touchdown run by Dalvin Cook, making the game winnable for the Vikings again. Montgomery for the Bears runs some good plays, and puts them into enemy territory. Montgomery is going to finish it too, and he punches his way into the end zone with a fourteen yard run. This gives the Bears another sustainable lead.

TE Tyler Conklin for the Vikings is able to put the team into the red zone. Following Cousins incompletion, the Vikings were forced to attempt a field goal, making the game one score. To end the third quarter we see Trubisky make a deep pass to an open Darnell Mooney.

The Bears take back the ten point lead again, and are able to sustain a strong forefront. Kirk Cousins is sacked for 9 yards, however the drive will later be saved by a pass interference call on the Bears. The Vikings are able to capitalize on this unfortunate penalty, and score a touchdown with 7 minutes remaining. The game is 30 to 27 now, and the Bears just need to score for a likely win.

The Bears run the ball, and the clock, to 3 minutes, only to throw a horrible interception into the end zone, which results in a touchback for the Vikings. The Vikings are looking up, but on a fourth and one the pressure for Cousins is too much. He is forced to throw the ball away, giving the ball back to the Bears in a turnover on downs.

The Bears take a field goal after this, giving the Vikings a minute to score a touchdown. The Vikings, in panic, start shooting down the field at great speeds. They make a last second Hail Mary pass, but it is intercepted to end the game. The Bears win a 33-27 victory and move out of a losing record.

This was a game with the Bears always ahead, but the Vikings were never much behind. Notable players include Mitchell Trubisky, David Montgomery, and Dalvin Cook.

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers

This game is a battle between two disappointing teams. Both teams had higher expectations and have had QB injuries.

The 49ers start with the ball, but they punt, and so do the Cowboys on their next drive. On the return for San Francisco, WR Richie James, the returner, FUMBLES, and the Cowboys get the ball right back, this time in much better field goal position.

The next 5 plays all involve RB Tony Pollard either running or passing plays, and the drive finishes with a 1-yard Tony Pollard rush. Pollard is playing because their star running back Ezekiel Elliott is hurt. 49er misfortune continues as their next drive ends in a fumble by their backup QB Nick Mullens, which then leads to a second Cowboys touchdown, both in the first ten minutes of the first quarter.

The other backup, QB Andy Dalton, who is playing for the injured Dak Prescott, throws a 3-yard pass to WR Michael Gallup for the score. The 49ers finally answer back as they go 75 yards in 13 plays for their first touchdown. A couple of good plays by WR Kendrick Bourne and RB Raheem Mostert set up a 5-yard connection between Mullens and the former Washington Football Team TE Jordan Reed, making the score 14-7. The Cowboys offense continues their scoring streak as they get a 48-yard field goal by Greg Zuerlein.

The 49ers next drive is the same number of yards and plays as their previous touchdown drive, but is about 10 seconds longer. This next one is also a touchdown, which is now a 2 yard “pass” to WR Brandon Aiyuk to make the score 14-17. It was a forward toss, so those count as a pass. Aiyuk came around the offensive line and got a toss from Mullens to convert on fourth and goal.

Neither team can keep up their scoring streak as both punt, so now the Cowboys have the ball back. The Cowboys try going for a 60-yard field goal and obviously don’t get it, so it’s back to the 49ers. There is only a couple seconds left in the half, so the 49ers just kneel to go into halftime.

Cowboys start off the second half, but they go three and out and punt. The 49ers tie the game up with a field goal, which is for 41 yards. A big pass to Richie James gets them downfield, setting up the field goal. The Cowboys respond with a huge 45 yard pass to rookie WR CeeDee Lamb on the fifth play of their next drive, and that sets up a 12 yard reception touchdown by TE Dalton Schultz. The 49ers do the same as they score a touchdown in 11 plays.

One play that helped the 49ers get down the field was when fullback Kyle Juszczyk catches a 25-yard throw to get inside the Dallas 30. Later, on first and goal, RB Jeff Wilson Jr, who had a phenomenal game against the Patriots earlier this season, runs it in for a 1-yard touchdown.

Both teams punt next, and the Cowboys punt again, so now the 49ers have the ball, although on the fifth play of their drive, Mullens throws his first pick of the game, which was intended for Jordan Reed! The Cowboys get a 46-yard field goal with it and make the score 27-24.

Both teams punt again, and the 49ers have the ball again, and Mullens throws another pick, this time intended for Aiyuk, which was the same thing that happened the last time each team punted back to back. The Cowboys have good field position now, and in two plays, Tony Pollard single handedly gets 46 yards and another touchdown! His first run went 6 yards, his second went 40. This now makes the game 34-24.

The next 49ers drive can only muster a field goal, so they kick it off back to Dallas with the score 34-27. During the drive, CJ Beathard replaced Nick Mullens as QB. Lamb is the returner for the Cowboys, and he gets a 47-yard kick return touchdown on the onside kick!

That will finish the game off for the Cowboys, although San Francisco is still able to score one more time on a Hail Mary, which is CJ Beathard to Kendrick Bourne for 49 yards and the last second touchdown, but the game will still end as a Cowboy win. The game ends 33-41 Cowboys, and this keeps the Cowboys alive in the playoffs.

Notable players include CeeDee Lamb, Kendrick Bourne, Tony Pollard, Jordan Reed, and Greg Zuerlein

Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos

It’s the rematch between both teams that played in Super Bowl 50, although their rosters look very different. Both of these teams have started miserably, even though they both have the pieces to win.

Denver is a very young team after the draft, where they acquired tons of offensive players. One problems seems to be QB Drew Lock. In every game he has played, he has always had a turnover except for the first game.

For the Panthers, the problems seem to come from the fact that they don’t have their best player, Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey only played three games because of injury.

Anyways, the game starts off as Broncos’ ball, but they just end up punting. Panthers do the same, and when they punt, the returner for the Broncos, WR Diontae Spencer gets his first pro touchdown when he returns it for 83 yards! Brandon McManus misses the extra point, and back to the Panthers we go.

The Panthers punt again, but this time it doesn’t lead to a touchdown. Both teams punt next, and it’s back to Broncos’ ball. Drew Lock fumbles a pass from S Jeremy Chinn, who is having a great season so far, moving the ball back to the Panthers.

On the second play of the next drive, QB Teddy Bridgewater passes to RB Mike Davis for the touchdown. Broncos answer back with a touchdown of their own. Good plays by RB Melvin Gordon and rookie WR Jerry Jeudy help set up a 2 yard Nick Vannett touchdown. TE Vannett is just wide open in the end zone, and Lock connects to him.

Carolina does nothing before the half and the score is 13-7. Afterwards, Panthers get the ball first, but they just punt, so the Broncos have a chance to take over, and that they do. On the fourth play of the drive, Lock throws deep to his right and rookie WR KJ Hamler is wide open for the 37-yard touchdown. McManus misses the extra point again.

The Panthers now start getting some points on the board. Their offense gets to the Denver 17 and Joey Slye gets a 35-yard field goal bringing the score to 19-10.

The Broncos get right back at it, and on the fourth play of the drive, Lock gets the ball to WR Tim Patrick for 32 yards. Lock then goes to TE Troy Fumagalli for 31 yards and the touchdown, but the booth reviewed the play, ruling  that Fumagalli only gained 29 yards, leaving the Broncos at to the 2 yard line.  They still managed to score on the next play. 

The Panthers get right back at them when they score as well. On the first play of the drive, Bridgewater connects to WR Pharoh Cooper for 12 yards. Later, WR Curtis Samuel gets back-to-back good plays, both passes (although he is very good at taking running plays), one for 17 yards and one for 19 yards. A couple plays after that, Bridgewater runs it in himself for 7 yards and a touchdown, and unlike McManus, Slye actually gets the extra point. That makes the score 25-17. Bridgewater is similar to the previous Carolina QB Cam Newton because both are able to run well.

The Broncos punt, and the Panthers tack on a field goal. Broncos then get a touchdown in three plays. The first play of the drive was Lock rushing for 6, then Lock connecting to RB Melvin Gordon III for 20 yards, and last is another huge KJ Hamler touchdown, this time for 49 yards!

The Panthers (almost) do the same as they get a touchdown in four plays. First was a pass to Davis for 20 yards, then a 32 yard pass to Cooper, then an incompletion to Samuel, and last, Mike Davis strikes again with his second touchdown which was for 10 yards! The score is 32-27, and tensions are rising.

Denver gets the ball. They punt, and Carolina has way more than enough time to score and win the game, although they just end up turning it over on downs, so the Broncos win it 32-27! Drew Lock beats his career high by getting four touchdowns for the whole game.

Notable players include Drew Lock, Curtis Samuel, Mike Davis, KJ Hamler, and Teddy Bridgewater.

Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs and the Dolphins face off in Miami with the Dolphins seeking a spot in the playoff and a win against the Chiefs. This is going to be a close match between these two rising teams.

The first five minutes of the game are rather uneventful, leading to no scores. When Super Bowl 54 MVP QB Patrick Mahomes gets his hands on the ball, the Chiefs are ready to start tearing down the field after the Dolphins unsuccessful first drive. After getting to the 48-yard line, Mahomes makes an impossible pass, flinging the ball nearly 15 yards from behind the line of scrimmage, all the way to TE Travis Kelce who is pushed out of bounds in Dolphins 35-yard line!

The Chiefs decide to run the ball for a first down, but after a penalty to put them back. This leads to a tipped pass, and then to an interception by Mahomes. Rookie Tua Tagovailoa is able to get the Dolphins into field goal range, however they are unsuccessful on the 45-yard attempt. Later, Chiefs are faced with a close turnover, however the potential fumble is recovered. Mahomes is sacked by Jerome Baker, who puts the Chiefs back to the 5 from the thirty.

A big 25 sack helps out Miami a lot. The Dolphins defense in the first quarter alone had already made multiple key plays. The Dolphins game is looking really good and a few passes from Tua gets them into the red zone. A first and goal pass to Mike Gesicki earns the Dolphins first score and puts them in a seven point lead after making the PAT.  An open WR, Sammy Watkins for the Chiefs, is what they need to get into Dolphins’ territory for another time, however this drive leads to a second interception by Mahomes, ending the first quarter.

Off the turnover the Dolphins can’t score a touchdown, however Jason Sanders does score a field goal. Travis Kelce makes another explosive play, hoping to end this drive with a score instead of another turnover. Kelce again gets the ball, and runs it to a second and one. After a couple of downs, Tyreek Hill catches a pass, and blazes down the sideline, scoring a touchdown. Sacks are made for both teams, and neither can get a score.

When Tua takes a shot down the field the pass is picked off by S Tyrann Mathieu. The Chiefs once again start moving with bullet passes, trying to capitalize before the half. Travis Kelce is successful in catching a touchdown pass, and gets the Chiefs the lead.

The Chiefs differed at the start of the game, allowing them to get the ball back after the half, and they did not disappoint. Despite the two turnovers the Chiefs offense looks different coming out of the locker room. In a matter of 2:49 of game time before the half, the Chiefs scored their third consecutive touchdown on a pass to Tyreek Hill. With a PAT the Chiefs have the game up at 21-10.

The Dolphins are forced to punt, and WR and returner Mecole Hardman runs it back all the way for another touchdown! The Dolphins for another two drives are unsuccessful, and on one they even get a safety. The Chiefs have now scored 30 points unanswered, and the game is looking pretty bad for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are still at 10 points by the time the third quarter ends. The Chiefs make their way back down the field, and Mahomes throws his third interception, which was more than he had thrown all season previously! Tua is now rolling with a few strong passes leading the team down the field. Gesicki receives another touchdown pass from Tua, and the Dolphins are now in a two score game.

Dolphins get a sack, and have the ball on offense now. Inside the red zone a PI call on Sorensen puts the Dolphins at the 1-yard line. Pushing it through into the end zone under a pile of bodies the Dolphins score again.

The Chiefs aren’t able to convert on a third down, but on fourth, Hill runs down the field for the first. This sets up a field goal from 46-yards. Now a 33-24 score the Dolphins get one last field goal, and end out the game giving the Chiefs only a one score game!

It was a great game played by both sides. The Chiefs have one of their closest games of the season. Notable players include Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Jason Sanders, Tua Tagovailoa, and Mike Gesicki.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints

This game is a rematch between these two teams who played each other in the playoffs two years ago. The Saints won that game 20-14, although it was a close one. Both teams are starting a quarterback they probably didn’t expect to start early in the season, Rookie Jalen Hurts for Philadelphia and TE Taysom Hill for the Saints.

You may be wondering why a tight end is a starting QB and the answer to that is that Taysom Hill can basically do anything. He once blocked a punt and scored a TD with it, and he can run, pass, and return the ball. He replaced future Hall of Famer Drew Brees for QB after Brees had ELEVEN broken ribs! That’s a lot.

Jalen Hurts is starting his first NFL game today, and he ended up doing pretty well. He is replacing Carson Wentz who has not been able to perform for the team. Anyways, the Saints start with the ball, but go three and out and punt. Now it’s Eagles ball, and they are able to get up to the Saints 34 yard line. It is fourth and two and the Eagles decide to go for it, and don’t get it, wasting a field goal opportunity, even if it was a long one.

The Saints try to capitalize, but then they end up turning it over on downs when they miss a 45 yard field goal. The Eagles come back on the field and on their second play of the drive, Hurts looks around and then throws the ball about 5 yards to WR Jalen Reagor, but then Reagor runs along the sideline and gets much more for the first down. Soon the quarter ends and the scoreboard is still empty.

Later in the drive, it’s 4th and 2 again, and again the Eagles go for it, but this time it’s a good call as Hurts throws to WR Alshon Jeffery for the touchdown and the first points of the game! Saints punt again, and then the Eagles follow, but on the next Saints drive, on the third play of it, Hill tries to dump the ball off to pro running back Alvin Kamara, but he tips it and the play turns into an interception!

The Eagles start off with good field position, and they score a field goal to make their lead 10-0. Saints punt again, and the Eagles continue to devastate them as they score their second touchdown. It was a HUGE 82 yard run by RB Miles Sanders, and they really take control over the game!

No surprise, New Orleans punts, and the Eagles try to get a few more points on the board before the half. A couple of  good plays set up a 22 yard field goal for Jake Elliot, but he MISSES! The score stays the same as they go into halftime.

The Eagles get the ball to start off the second half, but they punt, which allows the Saints to get their first score of the game. A long 5 minute drive finally ends when Kamara runs it for the touchdown, now making the score 17-7. The Eagles get the ball back, and they start going down the field quickly, getting multiple 5-7 yard plays, although they try going for it on fourth and one and don’t get it. They have gone for it on basically every fourth and short, with most of them paying off, but some of them not, like this one. The play was a QB Sneak, but it surprisingly doesn’t work.

The Saints offense capitalizes, and in four plays, they go 60 yards for their second touchdown in a row. On the third play, Hill goes to WR Michael Thomas for 22 yards, and then goes to WR Emmanuel Sanders for the 37-yard TD. Eagles punt, but they get the ball back when Hill is sacked and fumbles!

It was a fourth and two for New Orleans, but they turned it over with the fumble. The Eagles are around the 50 yard line, and they drive down to score a touchdown. On the third play of the drive, Jalen Reager gets 19 yards running. They later score with Miles Sanders on a one yard rush. Saints try to answer back, but on a crucial third and eight play, Hill gets sacked again, forcing them to take a field goal.

It is 57 yards, but it is important to try to get the game closer, but Wil Lutz isn’t able to convert. The game isn’t over yet though, as on the second play of the next Eagles drive, Jalen Hurts FUMBLES, and the Saints still have a small chance to win! In 18 seconds, the Saints go 51 yards and score a touchdown!

The first play was a 31 yard pass to WR Tre’Quan Smith. The next play was incomplete, but then on second and ten, Hill goes to TE Jared Cook for 20 yards and a touchdown! They make the score 21-24 after the extra point. They try an offside kick but don’t get it, so the Eagles just end up finishing off the game, winning it in a close thriller.

The Saints get upset, but they still have a good enough record to do well in the playoffs. While this is good for Jalen Hurts future as he put up an impressive display, getting more than 100 yards passing and running. Notable players include Jalen Hurts, Michael Thomas, Miles Sanders, Emmanuel Sanders, and Alvin Kamara.

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

This was an electrifying rematch between two rising teams in the NFL. The Ravens had embarrassed the Browns in Week 1, and so the Browns wanted revenge. This is also pretty crucial for the Ravens getting to the playoffs.

It started off with the Browns with the ball, and they immediately got down to business, scoring a touchdown on the first drive. On the second play of the game, TE David Njoku caught a short pass that turned into 20 yards. Njoku caught another pass, this time for 11 to get into the red zone. Three plays later, RB Nick Chubb ran it in for 7 yards and the score.

Baltimore gets the kickoff and they come ready as well. A couple penalties help them get down the field, and on 3rd and 3, on the Cleveland 5, QB Lamar Jackson runs it in for another rushing touchdown. Cleveland starts their next drive with a big defensive pass interference. Later on 4th and 4, another pass interference helps the Browns to a first down. Then on fourth and eight, Cody Parkey attempts a 39 yard field goal, but he misses!

Both the Ravens and the Browns punt on their next drive, so now the Ravens have the ball. In the drive, there were some big plays like Jackson rushing for 20 yards or RB JK Dobbins rushing for 13 yards, and 25 yards in total for the drive. In some nice short plays, they are able to set up RB Gus Edwards 11 yard TD. After the extra point, the score is 14-7.

The Browns answer back, and during the drive, QB Baker Mayfield throws a deep bomb to WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, and it’s caught for 37 yards. Later, on 2nd and 2, Chubb gets his second rushing touchdown of the game, this time for 14 yards.

Both of the next plays are three and outs, and then the Ravens have the ball again. On third and ten, Jackson gets away from defenders after almost getting sacked and throws it perfectly down field to TE Mark Andrews for 39 yards. The next play, Jackson rushes it in again, this time for 17 yards and the score is 21-14. Cleveland tries to score again before the half, but they aren’t able to and it’s halftime.

Right after the half, the Ravens have the ball, and they score again! On third and three, Jackson gets another big play, and this time it’s a 44-yard rush that sets up the TD on the next play. Edwards gets his second touchdown of the game, and the score is 28-14.

The Browns answer back when RB Kareem Hunt gets a 5 yard touchdown. Cody Parkey misses the extra point on that drive. Baltimore punts, but on the first play of the next Cleveland drive, Mayfield throws an interception that is returned to the one yard line! The Ravens capitalize and immediately score with rookie Dobbins. The extra point is blocked, so the score is 34-20. All of the scores in this game have been a rushing TD by Jackson, Hunt, Edwards, Chubb, and Dobbins.

The Browns get back to business, and they score a touchdown. Mayfield passes to WR Rashard Higgins for the touchdown on fourth down. This is the first passing touchdown of the game. They go for two, and they get it when Mayfield throws it to Hunt. Hunt bobbles it and doesn’t catch it, although Peoples-Jones is behind him to get the score! They make it 34-28.

When the Ravens get the ball back, Trace McSorley replaces Jackson because of cramps. After WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown drops a catch, the Ravens punt. The Browns capitalize and they score again with Baker Mayfield; this time he runs it in and finishes with a slide. The score is now 34-35 Browns.

Ravens get back at it and they score. McSorley was hurt, so Jackson came back in. On his first play back, he throws a bomb to a wide open Marquise Brown for the touchdown! They go for two and get it with Dobbins to make it 42-35. In four plays, the Browns answer back with a touchdown, so it’s not over yet!

On the first play of the drive, Mayfield completes it to Peoples-Jones for 30 yards! He goes to WR Jarvis Landry, and then twice to Hunt for the score! It is now 42-42! With one minute left, the Ravens drive down the field. Jackson goes to Mark Andrews twice, both for 14 yards. Then, on the Browns’ seven with 7 seconds left, Justin Tucker hits a huge game winning 55 yard field goal! That will finish off the game and the Ravens win it 47-42 after another safety when the Browns try to muster one last play.

Both teams are still in playoff contention, although it may be close at the end. Notable players are Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Gus Edwards, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt. 

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams

Two rivals are facing off against each other. These two are facing off for the first time this season, the second matchup is in Week 17. Kyler Murray has been on fire with DeAndre Hopkins, and they have been so good that they are in two other games in this article as well. The Rams on the other hand are only in this article one other time, and that’s for losing to the Jets. They have been up and down this season, either doing things like crushing the Patriots or losing to the Jets at home.

Anyways, the game starts off as Cardinal ball. After a couple bad plays and a penalty, QB Kyler Murray throws deep to his TE Dan Arnold for a huge 59 yard touchdown to start off the game! It looks like there was nobody even 10 feet near him, and he was able to easily catch and walk into the end zone to get things going!

The Rams get the kickoff, and they do decently until they turn it over on downs. Both teams punt next, and the Cardinals punt again, and the Rams get a touchdown on their next drive. A long drive finally ends when RB Cam Akers runs 9 yards for a TD. The Cardinals punt again, and then the Rams turn it over on downs again. After the Cardinals punt again for the eightieth time, the Rams score their second touchdown. It was Tyler Higbee with the 1 yard touchdown to make the score 14-7. The Cardinals try to get a 48 field goal right before the half, but they miss it, so the second quarter ends.

The Rams start out the second half with the ball, and QB Jared Goff connected with his running backs Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown as he gets to them for 49 combined receiving yards that drive. The drive ends on a 39-yard field goal to increase their lead to 17-7.

The Cards answer back with a touchdown, which is a receiving TD from Murray to his favorite target DeAndre Hopkins. During the drive, they went for a risky 4th and 12 play and got it with WR KeeSean Johnson. The Rams go right back at the Cardinals as on one of their next plays, Jared Goff goes to his third running back Cam Akers for 22 yards. Quickly they get down to the one yard line and score with Jared Goff’s QB Sneak. During this drive was the end of the fourth quarter, with Jared Goff having over 300 yards already. That makes the score now 24-14, and the Rams go back up double digits.

The Cardinals punt after only a few plays on the next drive, but returner Nsimba Webster coughs the ball up, and Arizona recovers! RB Kenyan Drake gets the ball for the next two plays, and he is able to get a total of 15 yards and a touchdown on that drive. The Rams don’t let that mess them up as they answer back again and get a touchdown with two great plays. The first is a passing play to TE Gerald Everett for 22 yards and then a 38-yard run by Henderson for the TD. There was a wide open hole, and he easily scored the touchdown.

The Cardinals need more stops and scoring, but they screw up as Murray is sacked and fumbles, and the Rams have the ball right back. They don’t do much with it though as they miss a 37 yard field goal. The Cardinals misfortune continues as Murray throws a pick six, and the Rams just have total control over the game as they are winning 38-21 with about 4 and a half minutes left. The Cardinals still try to score, which they do with Dan Arnold getting his second touchdown of the game, this time a two yard catch.

The Rams get the ball, and they run out the clock to finish and win the game. Notable players include Dan Arnold, Jared Goff, DeAndre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson, and Troy Hill (the person who got the pick six). 

Minnesota Vikings vs. Carolina Panthers

This match-up pairs the up and down Panthers against the disappointing Vikings. Panthers have just came off of an easy 20-0 win against the Lions and the Vikings lost a bad game to the broken Cowboys.

The Panthers get the kickoff, but they punt and the Vikings get the ball at their own 32. On second and five, QB Kirk Cousins dumps the ball off to star RB Dalvin Cook and he gets 12 yards. A lot more small plays set up a 12-yard touchdown, which is caught by rookie WR Justin Jefferson. The Vikings are playing without WR Adam Thielen, so this will result in other WR’s like Jefferson, Bisi Johnson, and Chad Beebe getting lots of opportunities. Jefferson also has a good chance of getting Rookie of the Year, so this will just bolster his game. Other Rookie of the Year contenders include Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow.

Both teams punt next and now the Panthers have the ball. On the 12 yard line, they were about to score, but QB Teddy Bridgewater throws a pick! Vikings now have the ball back in their own territory, and they don’t do much as they punt. Bridgewater is able to redeem himself when he leads his offense to a touchdown. On third and eleven, he throws a short pass to WR Robby Anderson which turns into a 41 yard TD! There is still a little bit of time left, and the Vikings are able to knock in a field goal to take the lead again and make the score 10-7 right before the half.

The Panthers come ready after the break when on the first drive of the second half they force a fumble touchdown. Rookie S Jeremy Chinn recovered the ball after Cousins was sacked and dropped the ball for the TD. The Vikings get the ball back and on the first play of the drive, Cook takes it through the middle and the ball is stripped away from him and it turns into another defensive touchdown for the Panthers, two in a row! It was Jeremy Chinn again, and he makes the score 21-10! He also may be Defensive Rookie of the Year, with his biggest contender probably being Washington’s Chase Young.

The Vikings get the ball back and yet again, Jeremy Chinn gets a TD! I’m kidding, I’m kidding, the defensive TD’s end there, and the actual Vikings next drive is a punt. Panthers get the ball back and their drive results in a field goal attempt that is blocked, so nothing happens to the score. This seems to give momentum to the Vikings offense, and they are able to get a field goal. Some good catches by Beebe set up Dan Bailey’s 25 yard field goal.

The Panthers offense gets back on the field, and they are able to make some good plays, one includes Bridgewater going to Anderson for 34 yards. This and other smaller plays sets up Joey Slye’s 40-yard field goal, which is good and makes the score 24-13.

The Vikings answer back with their second touchdown, which is another Justin Jefferson pass. They go for two and get it when Cousins connects to Johnson. Panthers punt, but Beebe, the returner, muffs the catch and the Panthers recover, making yet another great defensive play. This sets up another field goal and the score is 27-21.

There is a little less than a minute left to play. The Vikings still have plenty of time to drive, and they do. In seven plays, they score a touchdown to take the lead by one! Chad Beebe redeems himself when he catches a 10 yard pass for the score. The extra point was blocked, but the blocker was offside, and after a redo attempt, Bailey makes the game 27-28.

Panthers won’t give up yet and they try to get into field goal range. Their first play is a deep throw to WR Curtis Samuel for 35 yards. After a couple more smart, short plays, the field goal range is from 54 yards, which is doable for Slye, but he misses!

The game is over after Cousins kneels, and it was very close until the end. The Vikings fight for the small chance to still get in the playoffs as they take another close win. Notable players include Jeremy Chinn, Justin Jefferson, Bisi Johnson, Chad Beebe, and Robby Anderson. 

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

This was a thrilling rematch between two great teams, the Ravens and the Titans. The last time they played each other, the 6 seed Titans crushed the 1 seed Ravens to move on to the AFC Championship.

The Ravens are looking for revenge and also playoff hopes. They are led by Lamar Jackson and their dominant running game. The Ravens start out with the ball, but they just go three and out, and the Titans start off their first drive on their own 21. Immediately there is a pass interference on the defense, allowing the Titans offense to go down 39 yards. A couple other smaller plays set up a touchdown from QB Ryan Tannehill to TE Jonnu Smith. The Ravens responded with an easy 30 yard field goal, so now the score is 7-3.

During the next Titans drive, the quarter ends because the Ravens previous drive was so long. On the fifth play of the Titans drive though, Tannehill throws his first pick of the game, which was intended for Jonnu Smith. The Ravens take over with great field position, but they can’t get a touchdown and only settle for a field goal. Titans start to fall as they go three and out and punt, letting the Ravens start their drive at their 40 yard line. Later in the drive, the Ravens get to the seven yard line. Jackson passes to the fullback Patrick Ricard and it looks like a touchdown, but it is overturned. They are then at the 2 yard line, and rookie RB JK Dobbins runs it in for a touchdown. They go for two and get it, taking the lead and making the score 14-7.

The Titans answer back with a field goal right before the half, set up by some small plays and a 21 yard Tannehill rush. The 40 yard field goal is good, so the score becomes 14-10, and the Ravens just send it off the half.

The Titans get the ball to start the second half, but they start it the same way the Ravens started the first half, on a three and out. Once they punt, Ravens get right back to business, they score a touchdown in seven plays. It was finished off by a big 31-yard pass touchdown to TE Mark Andrews, and the Ravens tack on to their lead.

The Titans strike back, but with only a field goal, which is forty yards like the first one. The next drive, Lamar Jackson throws an interception, and the Titans get the ball back, but at bad field position as they are at their own fifteen. They go all the way down the field and finish off with their third field goal of the game, this time for only 22 yards.

A punt is next by Baltimore, so the Titans are only down by five with a little more than seven and a half minutes left. They are at their own ten, so terrible field position, but they still are hard at work. On the second play of the drive, Tannehill gets another helpful run as this one is for twelve yards and a first down. A few plays later, Tannehill throws to WR Corey Davis who was open, and Davis is able to get 22 yards. Two plays later, Tannehill goes to his top receiver AJ Brown for 25 yards as the Titans continue to barrel down the field. On second and two though, Tannehill FUMBLES, but he gets it back and is sacked, so the Ravens defense is able to force third and ten. On third and ten, the Titans are on the Ravens 14, and Tannehill goes back to AJ Brown for the touchdown! He threw short to Brown, and Brown just shook off multiple defenders for the score. They take the lead and make the score 22-21.

Now they go for two. Tannehill fakes it to Derrick Henry, allowing a wide open hole to open up on the right, and he scored the two pointer! That makes the score 24-21, but the game isn’t over yet. The Ravens get the ball back with over two minutes left, so they try to score. They are able to get a 27 yard field goal attempt, which they make, sending the game to overtime with the score 24-24.

The Ravens get the ball first, but they do nothing as they can’t get past their own 27. They punt, and the Titans are ready to win. Now because the Ravens had a chance to score and didn’t, the Titans win with a field goal or touchdown.

The first play of their drive is a 14 yard pass to Davis. The second is just a short run by Derrick Henry for 4 yards, then Tannehill goes back to Corey Davis, this time for 11 yards. Henry runs for 4 yards again next, then Tannehill gets another 11 yard completion, this time to Brown, and then, on the sixth play of the drive, the Titans run it. They are on the Baltimore 29, and the snap goes to the left. There are lots of defenders, but there are blockers as well. Henry gets past a whole pile of people and he continues running until he is basically all by himself and he scores the game winner! The score ends as 30-24 Titans, and the Ravens aren’t able to redeem themselves…yet!

The Ravens go to 6-4 and the Titans to 7-3. Notable players include Derrick Henry, Mark Andrews, Corey Davis, JK Dobbins, Ryan Tannehill, and AJ Brown.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Green Bay Packers

The still amazing Packers face off against the rising Colts. Both teams are coming off of a win, both against teams in the AFC South, the Titans and the Jaguars.

The game starts off with a bang when future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers (if you don’t know him, you will) goes straight to his favorite receiver Davante Adams for 33 yards. Two plays later though, Rodgers fumbles when he can’t get the snap, and now the Colts start off with good field position when Darius Leonard recovers it.

The Colts offense starts off well, but then TE Mo-Alie Cox fumbles, and now the Packers have the ball again. They don’t have to go down that far, and they score a touchdown. TE Robert Tonyan was wide open and Rodgers threw it perfectly for the TD.

The Colts answer back though, and in five plays, they go 75 yards for another touchdown. On the third play of the drive, on 3rd and 13, WR TY Hilton gets the first down. Then on the next play, WR DeMichael Harris runs for 19 yards on an end around. Both of those plays set up WR Michael Pittman, Jr’s touchdown. He caught it for about 5 yards and then ran the rest and made the score 7-7.

Both teams punt next, so now the Packers have the ball back. On the second play of the drive, Rodgers goes down deep to WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling, but the throw was too behind him and it was picked off by CB Rock Ya-Sin. The Colts don’t do much and when they attempt a 50 yard field goal with rookie Rodrigo Blankenship, he misses as the ball hits the crossbar, so lots of turnovers already, two for both teams.

The Packers start off their next drive with a completion to Adams for 20 yards. Later, on 1st and 5, Rodgers completes it to WR Equanimeous St. Brown for 23 yards to get to the two yard line. The next play, star running back Aaron Jones rushes it in for a touchdown, making the score 14-7.

The Colts have the ball, but on the first play of their next drive, QB Philip Rivers throws a pick! Colts luck keep going down as the next Green Bay drive results in another touchdown. TE Jace Sternberger helps in setting up a TD, and gets 20 total yards in the drive. On the fourth play of the drive, Rodgers gets it to Adams for the score. Colts answer back with a touchdown of their own, and its TE Trey Burton for the score. Plays made by Pittman Jr and WR Zach Pascal set up the touchdown.

Speaking of receivers, have you noticed that TY Hilton has been very quiet this year? I guess it took time for him and Rivers to establish a connection.

Anyways, Packers have the ball back. They still have time, so they get to work. A huge Defensive Pass Interference on Ya-Sin for 51 yards helps them get down field quickly, and on the next play, Rodgers completes to RB Jamaal Williams for the TD. When the Colts get the ball back, they just kneel to finish off the first half, leaving the score 28-14 Packers.

The first drive of the second half is the Colts, and it is mostly RB Jonathan Taylor as he gets a good portion of the plays. He is able to set up Blankenship’s second field goal attempt, and this time he makes it. Packers go three and out on the next drive, and the Colts are back with the ball.

On first and 10 on the Green Bay 29, Rivers goes to Hilton for 23 yards and they are in the red zone. On 2nd and goal, Rivers connects to TE Jack Doyle for a touchdown. They go for two and get it with RB Nyheim Hines. The score is now 28-25. Packers punt again and the Colts get another field goal to tie the game.

Pascal is able to help them get downfield quickly when he catches a 20-yard throw. On the kickoff, WR Darrius Shepherd fumbles and gives the ball right back to the Colts! They score another field goal and they now have the lead!

Packers misfortune continues and they turn it over on downs! Rodgers overthrows Williams who would have gotten them a good chunk of yardage if he had caught it. Colts end up punting though, so the Packers have the ball with little time left. Valdes-Scantling is able to help them get downfield when he catches a huge 47 yard pass. Adams would get 32 yards on the drive as well. The drive results in a field goal by Mason Crosby, and the game goes to overtime.

The Packers get the ball first, but on the second play of their drive, Valdes-Scantling FUMBLES, and the Colts have the ball again! That is the fifth turnover in the whole game for the Colts defense! A couple short plays gets the Colts in field goal range. Green Bay tries to ice Blankenship, but it doesn’t work, and he nails in a 39 yard game winner to win 34-31 in overtime!

Packers gain a rare loss and the Colts continue their streak. Notable players include Rodrigo Blankenship, Davante Adams (because really is there ever a game where he isn’t one of the best performers?), and Jonathan Taylor.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Buffalo Bills

This was a great game up until the end. Bills have been very good this year after acquiring WR Stefon Diggs and really using QB Josh Allen to his full potential. Cardinals have also been good this year, after they also got a star wide receiver, who was DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans.

The game starts off as the Cardinals have the ball. On first and ten later in the drive, RB Chase Edmonds is able to get past defenders and get 25 yards. Eight plays later, they get a 23-yard field goal.

The Bills get the ball and they are ready as their returner, Andre Roberts, gets 40 yards on the kickoff. On third and eight, Allen throws a screen pass to WR John Brown, and Brown gets 31 yards and a first down. Two plays later, Allen tosses the ball to WR Isaiah McKenzie, but McKenzie throws it right back, and Allen scores with a receiving touchdown!

Cardinals punt, and that helps set up a 54 yard field goal by Tyler Bass to make the score 10-3, although it did hit the upright. Cardinals immediately get things going on their next drive as QB Kyler Murray connects to Hopkins for 28 yards. The Cardinals offense is able to get to the 24 yard line, so they get a field goal from there.

The Bills get to the Arizona 37 to kick another field goal, this time 55 yards to strengthen their lead. A couple good plays by RB Kenyan Drake is able to help get another field goal, which is only 21 yards, and they convert. The Bills still have some time left, so they drive down and with one second left, Bass hits a 58 yard field goal! That makes the score 16-9 at the half.

There has been only one punt in this game, and it has been by the Cardinals. Bills seem to be doing much better than the Cardinals at this point, but Arizona is still a very good team. The Bills get the kickoff for the second half, and they start at their own ten yard line. They end up just punting, although the very next play, Drake fumbles, and the Bills get the ball right back. The Bills use the field position well, and they score a touchdown with WR Cole Beasley for 22 yards.

The Bills seem to have control over the game, but the Cardinals strike right back. They drive down and it ends with Murray rushing it in for the score. He faked it and kept the ball to make the score 23-16. Bills punt, and Cardinals get another field goal, and the score is 23-19. Allen then throws a pick, and in about one minute, Cardinals take the lead! Murray gets his second rushing touchdown to make the score 26-23. He is able to easily get past defenders and flip the lead.

The Bills punt next, but they get the ball back after Murray throws his first pick of the game. It wasn’t completely his fault, as WR Larry Fitzgerald didn’t catch the ball and it bounced off him, letting the defender behind him grab it. The Bills punt AGAIN, but so do the Cardinals, and the Bills have the ball. Allen immediately throws an interception, and the Cardinals have the ball! They punt though, so nothing much happens, really in the whole quarter.

There is little time left, so the Bills offense has to do something, and they do. On second and one, Allen throws to Diggs for the touchdown! It was for 21 yards and the extra point makes the game 30-26 Buffalo.

There is still time left, about 30 seconds, which is enough time for Arizona to win the game. They need to go 75 yards down the field to win. On the first play of the next drive, Murray connects to WR Andy Isabella for 14 yards. Then he goes to Hopkins for 9. Fitzgerald then also gets 9 yards, and with 11 seconds left, the Cardinals are able to get one more play off.

Murray scrambles left. He almost gets sacked and then he finally chucks it down field to the end zone and he hits his man!! DeAndre Hopkins may have been double covered, but he still catches it! The game finishes with the score 32-30 Arizona.

The Bills were pretty impressive in the first half and really the whole game, but occasionally a Hail Mary will make those efforts not matter. I suggest you go on your free time to watch this catch because it is just simply amazing. Notable players include Cole Beasley, Tyler Bass, K Zane Gonzalez, Kyler Murray, Stefon Diggs and of course DeAndre Hopkins. 

New Orleans Saints v. Kansas City Chiefs

The twelve and one Chiefs battle against the ten and three Saints at The Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints are at a natural disadvantage as their starting quarterback, Drew Brees, had a rib injury for the first in four games.

The Chiefs start with the ball, receiving the kickoff. They manage 5 plays for a total of 18 yards before punting the ball to the Saints. The Saints have a short 0:51 drive before punting right back to the Chiefs.

The Chiefs attempt a deep pass, and are unsuccessful giving the Saints the ball off a punt to set up the fourth drive of the game which is by the Saints. Later, on third and five for the Saints, Drew Brees throws an interception, caught by defender L’Jarius Sneed.

When the Chiefs offense steps out, QB Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs is able to find his receivers and tight ends multiple times. Later, Mahomes is even able to scramble for a first down, which gets them inside the ten. A pass to Tyreek Hill is able to seal the drive with 7 points as the Chiefs pull ahead of the Saints with a touchdown.

Drew Brees is struggling with his injury, and throws a key incomplete pass which forces the Saints to unfortunately punt the ball back to Kansas City. After a short pass for a first down, the Chiefs quarterback is sacked. A couple of short passes and some yards after catch brings the Chiefs close to the end zone, and a short pass to TE Travis Kelce starts the second quarter with a touchdown for the Chiefs.

The Saints are once again unsuccessful and punt, but after a three and out by the Chiefs, the Saints get the ball rolling. Brees is able to get a deep pass to Emmanuel Sanders for 51 yards, and just a few plays later get the ball into the end zone for a one yard running touchdown by utility player Taysom Hill. There are four more drives before the half, not one of them getting 30 yards or more, however the Saints are able to get a fumble in the end zone resulting in a safety. When the players head into the locker room, the scoreboard shows a one score game of 14-9 with the Chiefs on top.

Saints get the ball first in the second half, and are able score a touchdown with a couple of deep passes, and some penalties to back them up. This touchdown is successful, but the two point attempt after isn’t.

With a one point trail, the Chiefs want to make sure to stay on top. The Chiefs drive down the field, and are able to get into the red zone, ending with a five yard TD pass to WR Mecole Hardman, with the PAT being good. Saints punt twice, and the Chiefs have to punt once with about five minutes off the clock.

When the Chiefs get their turn at a drive again, they use short passes and runs to move the ball down, and the clock winds down to end the third quarter. Coming back in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs scored in four downs with a TD run from Le’Veon Bell that extended 12 yards. The Saints punt, and the Chiefs choke giving away a fumble to the Saints.

From this turnover the Saints get a quick touchdown from Brees, who is doing surprisingly well for his injury, to Alvin Kamara. The score is 29-22, and a ten play Chiefs drive ends in a field goal, which helps extend their league to 32-22, which is still a fair two score lead.

The persistent Saints score again with a touchdown, bringing the score to a close 32-29. The Chiefs finish out the game by running the ball and draining the clock. Game regulation ends with the Chiefs on top 32-29 leading them to a 13-1 record.

This game was close, but the Chiefs pulled ahead, and were relentless, never giving up the lead for long and drawing out the game. Notable players include Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, and Alvin Kamara.

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